Excelling Services And World Class Amenities Make Etihad Airways A Premium One

There are a huge number of airlines companies operating flights on international routes. However, to acquire a prestigious position among the world list of eminent airlines is not an easy job. But, Etihad has bagged prominent recognition and prestige due to their state of the art flights and services within a nominal span of few years.

This Abu Dhabi based airline company offers the quintessential feel of Arabian culture, esteemed traditional values in welcoming and hosting flight guests. Emerging as a conjoining flying service between the East and the West, this airline have accomplished worthy recognition globally for at par excellence services and facilities.

Flight Services of Etihad Airways

The flights operated by Etihad Airways showcase a flight experience completely redefined. The airline has reached across the edge unique flight experiences by providing innovative amenities on board. Not only will the interiors of these flights, but even the services explain the brimming fame of the airlines.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways | Image Resource : als.com.vn

A personalized access to entertainment on board with individual screens in front of every seat.

Reach out to more than 120 movies, 300+ popular TV shows, 7 exclusively Live channels on board.

Among the Etihad Airways amenities a great range of library of CD, games, and access to popular radio channels offers you a complete entertaining engagement opportunity for your long duration journey.

Get access to a wide spectrum of products like cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances, etc and avail up to 10% discount on orders placed on board.

Exclusive Etihad Airways Services

The Etihad Airways provides special minor accompany services to make sure that a minor, a child can travel under exclusive supervision. However, this service is free for children between 5yrs to 12 yrs and above that you must pay to avail the minor accompany service.

The Etihad Airways offers a vivid and thorough guideline on travelling criteria of an expectant mother. It enhances the exclusive medical permission and certificates required for availing a flight under pregnancy period.

Etihad Airways Onboard Services

Etihad Airways Onboard Services | Image Resource : arabiansupplychain.com

The airline authority keeps in mind your health and medical needs as a priority requirement. Therefore the airline has sufficient arrangement for meeting emergency medical situations. Besides it also elaborates on guidelines and restrictions prevailing on special medical conditions of travelers.

Baggage Information

Since the airline operates international flights throughout the globe, it elaborates on the terms and conditions related to Etihad Airways baggage limits applicable for travelers. You can easily inquire about the baggage limits pertaining to your flight ticket directly from the web portal of the airline. Etihad Airways extends its service diameters by incorporating especial features like tracking your lost baggage, claiming for your mishandled baggage.

Therefore as a traveler you can always count on the Etihad Airways for superior world class facilities and comfort. The airline features innovative and state of the art flight features, opulent interiors, classic services on board and exemplifies luxury at par excellence. Enigmatic style, voguish flights, superior amenities on board have aptly made Etihad Airways  a luxury airline of Abu Dhabi Therefore to experience a top notch flight experience avail the services of this sumptuous airways.


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