A Trip To Trivandrum – Visiting The Most Famous Places Here

Something that in today’s modern world is a critical thing to remember, is to know when to take some time off from the tensions of the workplace and kick back a little. For a disturbingly large fraction of employees today in the corporate workroom, life has turned out to be considerably different to how it was in earlier years. In our busy schedules today, we tend to easily ignore the fact that from time to time, we have to give ourselves with some well-deserved leisure time to relax ourselves both physically and mentally, which is vital to a good life. Recently, I decided to take a vacation to visit Trivandrum and many of the famous places in and around the city.

I had never visited Trivandrum before, and was excited to visit the city, which is the capital of Kerala state, known as “God’s own country”. As it was a new place that I had never visited before, I knew that the visit would be a lot of fun, as I have always loved exploring new places. I was also very keen on trying out some of the cuisine of Trivandrumas the Malayali cuisine is quite famous. Thus, I was quite excited about this trip and booked my train well in advance.

Booking My Train To Trivandrum

There are a lot of trains available from Chennai to Trivandrum as both are geographically close and also important cities in South India. I had a lot of different choices available to me for trains, and I finally made the choice to book the Bangalore Express (06347) after doing some online research and checking details of all of the best options. There weredecent facilities on the train and I had a comfortable good trip. The train maintained its schedule well too.

Staying At the Samrat Hotel, Trivandrum


Hotels near Padmanabhaswamy Temple | Image Resource : thehotelsamrat.com

I was on the hunt online for good mid-range hotels near Padmanabhaswamy Temple to stay at during my trip to Trivandrum. After looking at many of the choices available, and comparing important factors such as services, amenities, room tariffs, location, and other things, I finally chose The Samrat Hotel in Trivandrum. This is a good 3-star hotel with decent facilities and I had comfortable stay here. Some of the best things about the hotel are:

  • Great location near Padmanabhaswamy Temple.
  • Rooms were rather basic but spacious and well-furnished.
  • Other facilities here include Wi-Fi internet, swimming pool, gym, bar, restaurants, and a lot more.

Visiting Some Of Trivandrum’s Famous Places


Napier Museum | Image Resource : wikimapia.org

I was eager to visit 3 of Trivandrum’s most famous places, which are Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Varkala Beach, and Napier Museum. The Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple that I visited to pay my respects, and it was a great place. Varkala Beach is an excellent beach in Trivandrum which is clean as well. Napier Museum was my favourite among these three, and I spent a lot of hours at this museum of art and natural history.


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