Know Why There Is No Place As Happening As Hyderabad


NUCLEYA | Image Resource :

Hyderabad is always a happening city. All around the year you will be able to attend live music concerts, and events of all other kinds. Fun and frolic is visible within the citizens all throughout the year.

Dancing to the awesome tunes of NUCLEYA

NUCLEYA, a band conducting musical events all over India has evolved as a renowned band in five short years. Udyan Sagar, the founder of this live band had begun his musical journey towards the end of the 90’s. He owns around 14 singles to his credit. The dance floor vibrates with his tune when his event is on.

This year he is going to set the stage on fire on 4th of February 2017 from 8 PM onwards. The wonderful event is going to take place in Rendezvous. The price varies from one phase to another. People will be charged even 1500 bucks per person for the event.

Hard Rock café

Hard Rock café | Image Resource :

Enjoy a laughter show with Karthik Kumar

This show is to be held in Hard Rock café on 29th of January from 8 PM onwards. To get an entry you got to pay 1000 bucks. Karthik Kumar shortly known as KK is a coffee addict. In fact, he forces others to sip on coffee as well. He is also an actor, entrepreneur, director and a stand-up comedian. His shows include more of jokes from the adult world which an adult would love. Therefore, there are many restrictions for people visiting his event. Only people above the age of 18 can throng his event. Even children who are just 18 should be visiting the show along with their guardian. So, enjoy a fun filled event this January.

Hard Hotel Pearl Regency

Hotel Pearl Regency | Image Resource :

Corporate Networking with college students in Checkerboard

This is an event organised mainly for the college students. More than 25 colleges are going to participate in this corporate networking event. From this event, you will get to recognize the new skills and energy in the youth of today. In this 21st century, the students have to be surrounded by a well-versed group of people. You being an audience also get to listen to people from various specialized sectors like dance, music, sports, business, etc. The event doesn’t end here. You also get to relish on a networking lunch with the youth of today.

The event is going to be held in Hotel Pearl Regency on 22nd of January from 10 AM onwards. If you register early, then you will be charged just 549 bucks which will include lunch, snacks and refreshments. The regular entry fee is 699 bucks.

Events In Hyderabad

Events In Hyderabad | Image Resource :

Listen to Zikrr to stir up your hidden emotions

If you are one who is found of Punjabi and Sufi folk music mixed with Indian hard rock, then this is the event which you can attend. A beautiful atmosphere will be created with the charm of music.

The event is going to be held on 21st of January,2017 since 9 PM. 1000 bucks is worth paying for the show.

Events In Hyderabad are just awesome. All kinds of events are held so as to grab the attention of every citizen.


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