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Enjoy the Northern plains of India in Chandigarh

Chandigarh City
Chandigarh City | Image Resource:

Chandigarh is a designed city. The combined capital of Punjab and Haryana and as a Union Territory was constructed by architect Le Corbusier who was inspired by modernism. Some of the prominent architecture of Corbusier in Chandigarh is the Capital Complex that includes the High Court, the Secretariat, the Legislative Assembly and the Giant Open Hand monument. The climate of Chandigarh is usually extreme. Even with the climate, Life in Chandigarh is supposed to easy and the city is taken to be one of the best-planned cities in India and counted amongst the finest in the World.

The most famous tourist spots of Chandigarh

Chandigarh also was known as the ‘City beautiful’ has equable amount of greenery and is also a store for several unique works of art. Some of these places, which attract tourists are:

Rock Garden Chandigarh
Rock Garden Chandigarh | Image Resource:
  • Rock garden, Chandigarh: this park near the city consists of statues made of stones, ceramic sculptures, models of recycled ceramics and relics from the Industrial areas.
  • Sukhna Lake: One of the most prominent tourist attractions in Chandigarh. The sight of the lake stretching over for 3 km at the foothills of the Shivalik ranges is breathtaking.
  • Capital Complex Tourist Centre: located in the Sector 1 in the city of Chandigarh, this is a Government complex. The complex was built by the Architect of Chandigarh, Le Corbusier and the building is now a world heritage site as termed by UNESCO.

Parks and Gardens

Chandigarh is a planned city and hence the greenery is well focussed on. At every junction, you shall find a park and fresh air to rest. Some of the most popular parks of Chandigarh are:

  • Garden of Fragrance: this is a park which is an enthusiast for a botanical garden. Every day the park is open from 10 AM to 6 PM. It is a very suitable place for an early morning walk for all ages.
  • Shanti Kunj Park: another park is Chandigarh to bring freshness in the lives of people. Groups of people exercise here daily. Other such parks are the terraced garden and the Butterfly park.
  • Topiary Park: this park has well shaped large trees and huge shaded area of greenery, the park opens at 4 AM and closes at 12 PM.
  • Zakir Hussain Rose Garden: Spread in over 30 acres of land, this botanical garden has 1600 species of roses and about 50000 rose shrubs. It is open at all hours of the day.

Travel option to travel Chandigarh via Airways

Spicejet Ticket Booking
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More than 5 flights a day make the trip to Chandigarh from any metropolitan city airports. Several Airlines help you to make this trip but if you get a Spicejet Ticket booking then you have received a safe journey in a reasonable price online. Other than online booking of the flight seats, you can book hotels online. These hotels provide you great facilities and a luxurious stay. Do not forget to try the special Punjabi dishes while you can visit Chandigarh.


Why You Must Go For Hyderabad Shopping

Pragati Resorts | Image Resource :

Shopping is therapeutic. It uplifts anyone’s mood no matter how sad or depressed. It also helps you keep in touch with the latest fashion and trends going on. Every city has its own specialties and shopping districts but shopping in Hyderabad has a different feel and is a totally unique experience. The street markets are colourful and vibrant and every bazaar has its own forte and special products. For example, the Laad Bazaar is famous for bangles, Sultan Bazaar for clothes and accessories while the Moazzam Jahi market is known for the food products.

Hyderabad has something to offer to everyone. Of course, the locals already know where to go for a particular thing, as they know it would be authentic if bought from there. The tourists can also ask around so that they know they have got authentic items. Most of the markets are located in the central area of Charminar, which is popular for the heritage buildings, food, culture and the old world charm. The best part about shopping in Hyderabad is that one can find a wide variety off things from local crafts to textiles, jewellery, clothes, books and so on at affordable rates. One thing not to be forgotten is that one must always bargain. You can get as much as a thirty percent discount if not fifty.

It is without a shadow of doubt that what street markets and local bazaars have to offer, the new age shopping malls do not. While the former would have local goods, the latter would allow you to buy all the brands. The experience that a local market gives you cannot be sought from a mall. Moreover, when you visit a place as a tourist, you would want to buy what is local to that city. Brands are available everywhere.

Street markets are also worth visiting. Visiting these indigenous markets gives a person valuable insight and perception of what the city vendors have to offer and one tends to appreciate the art and craft and the skills the people have. This also gives the person an opportunity to buy gifts, which are a specialty of that place, and the person who gets such a present always genuinely appreciates it.

Pragati Resorts- The Place To Stay

When visiting Hyderabad, it is suggested that you check the details of Pragati resorts for your stay. Located centrally, it is a clean resort with a fantastic landscape. The charges are reasonable and value for money. The rooms are welcoming and kept in a neat condition. There are a number of indoor games and water sports, which you can do in your free time. The staff is extremely caring and warm and point you in the right direction regarding places to visit and things to do.

The resort has many facilities, such as Ayurveda spa, which you can use to relax. The pollution free environment rejuvenates you, and since it is a noise free zone, you can relax without being disturbed. So definitely when in Hyderabad, you must book your accommodation here to have a nice experience. Don’t forget to read reviews before booking.

Scuba Diving In Goa Is Worth Every Penny You Spend 

Scuba Diving In Goa

Scuba Diving In Goa | Image Resource :

Water sport have a unique charm of their own which makes it a favourite sport for many adventure freaks. If you are gifted with a spirit of adventure and feel attracted towards water, then scuba diving is definitely one of those sports which you may feel interested in. Here are some scuba diving packages which have gained popularity in Goa in recent times: –

Advanced scuba diving session – 1 day at Devbaug beach

During Scuba Diving In Goa, visitors will come across dolphins, fishes and other aquatic animals among corals. While undergoing the scuba diving session, they will also come across the remains of a number of drowned ships. They will be allowed touch and take pictures as memories from their diving experience.

The visitors will be offered with numerous opportunities and have an opportunity to stay under deep water over long periods of time. A specialised dietician will be responsible for your diet during which they will be offered with snacks and juices in order to prepare from scuba session. The cost of reservation for each ticket at Rs. 2430.

Discover scuba diving in Goa at Baga Arpora

Adventurers are offered with prior training before they start with their activity here. On the completion of training, you will get the opportunity to test your skills on Arabian Sea’s shallow waters. Scuba equipment will be provided to you for the same. You can take two dives within the sea under the supervision of an instructor. Reservation costs per head is Rs 6500.

Scuba Diving In Goa At Baga Arpora

Scuba Diving In Goa At Baga Arpora | Image Resource :

Discover scuba diving in Goa at Calangute

While undertaking scuba diving, you will get the opportunity to discover the life below the azure waters of Arabian Sea. You will be picked from your hotel and taken to the activity area. Complimentary photo and video shooting facilities are available to the adventurers. The cost for reservation for each ticket is Rs. 2042.

The presence of an instructor will ensure maximum level of safety to all visitors, including people who have no prior experience of scuba diving. The presence of scuba equipment and adequate training will make sure that you will enjoy scuba diving beneath the waters to the hilt without facing any danger.

Discover scuba diving in Goa at Panjim

Experience an exciting experience of scuba diving and lift your spirits. You will learn about techniques and skills related to the sport from accomplished instructors. A glimpse of the life under water will make you come across corals, shells and fishes of different shapes and sizes. The costs for reservation per person is Rs 3495.

Scuba Diving In Goa At Panjim

Scuba Diving In Goa At Panjim | Image Resource :

Scuba diving in Goa at Scuba Evolution Goa Pvt Ltd House

What makes this activity different from other is that at the end of the activity, the participants will be offered with a certificate. They will be offered with a dive suit & mask, oxygen cylinder & snorkel. Lunch and mineral water are included as a part of this activity which is offered under the guidance of an instructor. The costs for reservation for each person is Rs 5000.

Great Way to enjoy a Fun Filled Weekend in Bangalore

Fun World in BangaloreFun World in Bangalore | Image Resource :

Travelling is one of the best way to get over the boredom caused by a mundane routine. A short sojourn can in its own way help one to get over his or her mundane routine. Recently, we travelled for an outing to a water park named Fun World in Bangalore. Located on J.C. Nagar, one of the prime locations of the city, it attracts people from all walks of life.

An author had quoted that he wanted to go places and see people to let his mind grow. Same was our case since we wanted to break off from our daily routine in order to spend some quality time together. The time at the waterpark helped a lot in ensuring that we got over our worries.

Constructed in the early ’90s as a major centre of recreation for the residents of Bangalore, the recreation park has evolved over the years. What was a small entertainment park now boasts of four different entertainment parks which cater to the entertainment needs of locals as well as visitors. Here are some of the major highlights of the trip which made it a really enjoyable one: –

Yahooooo SlideYahooooo Slide | Image Resource :

Theme of the park

As an amusement park, Fun World has few parallels in India. Created keeping in mind the recreation of people from all age groups, it offers several thrilling rides for daredevils, exciting rides for kids and rides which are meant for the whole family. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of rides such as rollercoaster, tsunami, the Yahooooo slide, The curse of the black pearl, bumper car etc.

Some other popular types of rides include Flying Tiger, World Wrestling Pillow, Mini Pirate Ship etc.

Water World-A treasure trove for water sports

The Water World is an ideal place for people who love water sports. Set up as per international style, it is home to a wide range of water sports like cyclone, fantastic four, boomerang and tornado.

From taking a splash at the kiddy pool to relaxing on a lazy river, there are a variety of options for visitors to look for. The ultimate attraction for people opting for a Fun World & Water World is the wave pool. Swimming suits are offered as complimentary and locker facility.

Fun World and Water WorldFun World and Water World | Image Resource :

Ticket Booking

The ticket rates within the entertainment park tend to vary on the basis of the type of package which you intend to opt for. What is unique about the waterpark is that the rates are same during to weekdays as well as weekends. The ticket rates at the Fun World and Water World are Rs. 550 and Rs. 650 respectively.

People opting for a combo of Fun World and Water World can make significant savings as the ticket prices are Rs 800 only. The entry fees at Wow World is Rs 150. Bowling enthusiasts going to the Bowling Alley have to pay Rs 150 on weekends and general holidays, Rs 49 on Monday and Wednesday & Rs 120(11 am-5 pm) and Rs 150(5 pm-8 pm).