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Explore the Cultural and Scenic Beauty of Kochi

Located in the South Western state of India, i.e. Kerala, Kochi also popularly known as Cochin is one of the most highly rated tourist destinations for nature lovers as well as leisure tourists seeking a break from their everyday schedule and hustle bustle of the urban lifestyle. The city is an ancient port city operational since 1341 when it was used for trade with Chinese, European and Arab merchants. Apart from the beautiful places for sightseeing the city also flaunts its rich colonial culture and Portuguese influence.

There is a high demand for travel and accommodation in Kochi and hence it is recommended that you make your hotel bookings at least 28 days in advance so as to avoid any last minute hassles. There are a host of budget hotels as well as luxurious five star and four star hotel in cochin that can be booked in advance via any of the leading travel websites that too from the comfort of your office or home. Some of the most popular accommodation alternatives in the city include:

Hotel in cochin | Image Resource:

Hotel Olive Regency
Angel Garden Beach Homestay
Malayattoor Residency
Signature Crest Lake View Villa
Cochin City Residency
OYO Rooms Fort Kochi Bus Stand etc.

Places to Explore At Night

If you prefer exploring the less frequented and unique places in Kochi after the sun sets down the horizon here is some info that might come in handy while planning your trip to this alluring seaside town. Nature lovers as well as solitude seekers must visit these places in and around Cochin to collect never before memories of the surreal natural beauty of these places as well as bask in their cultural richness.

Vypeen Island Zone

One of the must visit attractions in Kochi which you can visit at night as well as in the day time is the Vypeen Island Zone. This place is one of the most picturesque and scenic attractions located around 35 kilometres from the city centre where the heavenly VembanandLake merges with the vast and pacifying Arabian Sea.

This mesmerising island is easily accessible from another iconic attraction i.e. the Fort Kochi as well as with the mainland Ernakulam via jetty services and bridges respectively. Enjoy the marine journey from Fort Kochi to this place and then vice versa.

Fort Kochi

If you are interested in exploring the intermingling of cultures and rich architectural influences in Kochi do visit the iconic Fort Cochin which is located to the North Wast of the Mattancherry Palace in Kochi. You can notice the mesmerising architecture of the houses and other buildings here which show significant European influences. There are rich traders belonging to the British era who reside in this area and hence the Dutch cottages are a beautiful specimen of the intermingling of cultures. Do visit the Mattancherry Palace, the Saint Francis Church as well as the Chinese Fishing Nets while you are in Fort Kochi.

Chinese Fishing Nets

These unique Chinese Fishing Nets are reminiscent of the strong relations of the Chinese Emperors with the rulers of Cochin. Except for China these fishing nets are exclusively available in this city.

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Land Of Surprises: Make A Journey And Witness The UNESCO World Heritage Site In India!

You will always experience a thrill when you visit India, as it is the largest democracy in the world. It is a multi-cultural, multi religious and multi ethnic country and it always holds surprises for you. It is a country with rich culture and traditions and marching towards becoming one of the super powers on Earth. It is the seventh largest country in the world and home to over a billion people.

When you take out a journey to India you can visit man made attractions and the other natural attractions are hill stations, beach destinations, back waters, and of course the unpolluted rural India. You wouldn’t have visited a country with such variety. If you delve deep you will never understand what exactly the country is and just go along with the flow. It has a great culinary tradition and it differs from state to state. So expect the unexpected at this land of great civilization.

UNESCO Certified Sites Of India

This rich country proudly boasts of 35 heritage sites which are UNESCO certified. If you visit this country you will be confused by the choice it provides and just make out a list of what you should visit and after all the visits you will surely come back again to make future trips. It is inspirational, awe inspiring and one visit will leave you speechless.

Hill Forts Of Rajasthan | Image Resource :

Hill Forts Of Rajasthan
These are located on the Aravalli mountain range and the fortifications of these forts are strong. It is famous for its Rajput Military defence architecture. A mini city with markets, temples, urban and trading centres existed in this fort.

Buddhist Monuments At Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh
This oldest stone structure in India was built by Emperor Ashoka in 3rd century BC and it is 46 kms from Bhopal. The core of the building is a hemispherical brick structure.

Towering Chola Temples
The Brihadisvara Temple, Gangaikonda Chola Puram and Airavateshwara temple. Brihadisvara temple is a milestone of Chola architecture. It reflects an ancient culture and heritage of Tamil culture.

Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh
It is the place where earliest traces of human life on Indian subcontinent was discovered. It is more than 1, 00,000 years old and it indicates the beginning of South Asian Stone Age.

Ajanta Caves | Image Resource :

Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra
It dates back to around 2nd century BC and it consists of 31 rock cut Buddhist caves, monuments, paintings and sculpture. It marks the beginning of Indian classical art.

Nanda Devi And valley Of Flowers National Park, Uttrakhand
It is famous for a large spread of flowers and it covers the entire valley like a bed sheet.

Red Fort, New Delhi
It is in New Delhi and it is a perfect example of Mughal architecture. It is made of red sand stone and it has smaller buildings in it.

Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha
It is in the shape of a gigantic chariot with carved wheels and it is led by 6 carved horses. It reflects the grandeur of Kalinga Style architecture.

Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary
It is in the flood plains of Brahmaputra and it has the largest population of the Indian one horned rhinos.

Sundarbans National Park | Image Resource :

Sundarbans National Park
It is the largest mangrove forests in the world and it is the largest reserves for Bengal Tiger.

With many, many visits you will get a feel of India and each visit will not satisfy you and you will yearn for more. UNESCO world heritage site in India are many.

An Excellent Shopping Spree In Vadodara

The exhausting schedules of workplaces today, and also our daily life, can leave the best of us exhausted, and in need of some rest and relaxation. Thus, we all wish for a chance to take some rest and loosen ourselves up. One of the bests way to take a foot back from the pressures of today and unwind ourselves is to plan a vacation to a nice location. This can help us relax ourselves, both mentally and physically, which is important in keeping us in top form.

Tourism In Vadodara

The city of Vadodara is becoming known as a great tourist destination these days, and the previously underrated tourist attractions here are now on the radar of tourists. There are many attractive places all over Vadodara that tourists can visit and enjoy at. Vadodara and the many places around have a lot of scenic and also fun tourist places, and thus Vadodara is an excellent choice for a holiday trip destination.


                              Karnavati Express | Image Source:

Mainly a town of business and commerce, Vadodara is carving a niche for itself in tourism as well, with a large number of tourists coming to Vadodara every year. Vadodara is also a great for a shopping spree, with many expansive malls as well as local markets available for visiting. Also, a lot of amazing restaurants in Vadodara can be tried, to taste the famous dishes of the cuisine of Gujarat. One can also try the popular street food of the city

Vadodara is an important economic centre in Gujarat, and making a name for itself as a tourist destination as well. Thus, there are a lot of trains connecting Vadodara to many other cities across the country. The vast network of the Indian Railways has many trains going through Vadodara all day, from all across the country. The Karnavati Express is one of the major trains passing through the railway station here. Thus, Vadodara is very accessible and easy to reach by train.

Exploring The Shopping Scene In Vadodara

There are a lot of places in Vadodara where tourists can enjoy shopping. Some of the best places that tourists can visit for shopping are:

Centre Square Mall

This poplar and huge mall is one of Vadodara’s best malls, and it is also where many people like to hangout. The Centre Square Mall has the showrooms of many big brands, as well as its own shopping areas. From apparel to toys to household supplies, one can find a lot of stuff here. It is one of the best places for shopping in Vadodara, and should certainly be visited by tourists in the city.

Khanderao Market


                                      Khanderao Market | Image source:

The Khanderao market is one of the most well-known landmarks in the city. This large market is located in an old palace which was constructed over 200 years ago, and it is one of best places in the city for shopping.

There are many more places in Vadodara where one can do some great shopping, and tourists should certainly visit these places.

Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai & Remember For The Entire Life!

In the current scenario, Dubai is the most happening cities in the world. People call Dubai as “City of Gold “, and “Festival City”. The city of Dubai has transformed drastically since 1994.

As far as entertainment in Dubai is concerned, the city can be easily compared with other cities like London, Paris, and New York. In fact, Dubai offers everything to have a cherishable vacation.

In the current scenario, Dubai has transformed itself into one of the top vacation hotspot in the world. Gone are the days, when Dubai was called as desert outpost. Now, with the change in time, people from all across the country visit Dubai for vacation or for other purposes.

What to do when in Dubai?

Here are top 10 things to do in Dubai –

The Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque

The Jumeirah Mosque | Image Resource :

It is one of the most beautiful structures in Dubai. In fact, it is the best example for Islamic structure, wherein the visitors can take a look at the marvelous stonework and mosque beauty comes out its best during the moonlit sky.

Burj Khalifa


Burj Khalifa | Image Resource

Undoubtedly, this is one of the famous skyscrapers; since it is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Visitors to the place can move to the top of building and enjoy aerial view of Dubai from the observation deck of the building.

The Dubai Aquarium

This is one of the top most attractions of the city, housing underwater species from various corner of the world. Visitors can enjoy glass-bottom boar riding to observe shark and fishes.

Dubai camel races

From November till March, the locals and visitors to the place can witness Dubai camel race which is the favorite sport of the place. Camel races in Dubai occur during Thursday and Friday.

The Dubai dancing fountain show

The dancing fountain show in Dubai is quite different, but indeed an entertaining experience. The fountain possesses synchronized water movement and choreographed to have wonderful musical soundtrack system. For the first time viewers, they are best entertained at ground level; and can experience much better when the water starts shooting up to 500feet above their heads.

A brief insight into Atlantis, the Palm


Atlantis, The palm | Image Resource :

Hotel Atlantis, The palm is a five star ocean themed hotel located at the center of Dubai. The hotel is spread across 46 hectares of land boasting Water Park, array of bars, lounges and restaurants. To spend your vacation with your loved ones, this is the right place to move towards.

The hotel boasts all the facilities and modern amenities to have a comfortable stay and make the guests feel like home. Some of the modern amenities comprise of pool, gym, non-smoking rooms, and babysitting and yet more services. Guests can relax by taking massage and spa services. The hotel staff doesn’t leave any stone unturned for corporate guests. They are provided with the facility of conference rooms for hosting business event. Even social gatherings can be arranged.

Arrange Your Visit To Make The Best of Play Arena Timings

Play Arena

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Bangalore, India most westernized metropolis has a thriving nightlife. The pubs and bistros here offer people with the opportunity to take a break from their day to day routine. However, if you have an adventurous spirit, then a visit to an amusement park will help you to get rid of the tiredness which you may experience because of your taxing schedule. Play Arena is an amusement park which has been created with an exciting range of attractions for people of all age groups. Some of the major details are mentioned below for your reference:-

About Play Arena

As a destination, Play Arena has an assortment of options for you to choose from. From go-karting to zorbing and sports such as tennis, football, badminton, swimming etc. you will have an assortment of options to choose from.

Adventures available

The exciting gaming package at Play Arena also includes an assortment of indoor gaming options. The trampoline parks, flight simulators, indoor climbing and a wide range of off-beat activities will help people of age groups revel and get rid of their tensions and worries.

Play Union on the other hand offers visitors to fit into an area which is a small corner as compared to the city’s busiest neighbourhoods. Play Union has been specifically designed for sports buff who would love to spend their free time in the favourite sports of their choice. However, the access to this sports club will be open to members only.

The Play Juniors will have a half ticket zone for kids is available below 9 years of age. Kids will get an opportunity to play and adventure equipment for cutting down to their size. Coaching facilities are also available for skateboarding, bootcamps, beach volleyballs, workshops and one-on-one coaching. The instructors will enable visitors to perform in the best way possible. A brief look at the available programmes will help you to know more about coaching amenities here.


Skateboarding | Image Resource :

Booking Procedure

It is up to you to decide whether you would go for indoor or outdoor sports here. The indoor games which are available here include archery, bowling, laser tag, mechanical bull, shooting, trampoline park, VR coaster and car simulator. On the other hand, if you are opting for outdoor sports then you will have the opportunity include paint ball, wall climbing, rope course, segway and wall climbing.

Timings of the games

The timings of the games tend to vary from time to time. Therefore, to ensure that you don’t miss out playing your favourite games, you need to acquire details on play arena timings.

Terms and conditions

Carabiners, sweatbands, skateboards and GoPro cameras will be offered to you while enjoying the activities available. The Pro Shop here have been stocked with the latest fitness, adventure, sports equipment from leading brands. They have been sourced from different parts of the world at competitive prices. If you can’t find what you require, the amusement park will offer you with a custom order for you.