Land Of Surprises: Make A Journey And Witness The UNESCO World Heritage Site In India!

You will always experience a thrill when you visit India, as it is the largest democracy in the world. It is a multi-cultural, multi religious and multi ethnic country and it always holds surprises for you. It is a country with rich culture and traditions and marching towards becoming one of the super powers on Earth. It is the seventh largest country in the world and home to over a billion people.

When you take out a journey to India you can visit man made attractions and the other natural attractions are hill stations, beach destinations, back waters, and of course the unpolluted rural India. You wouldn’t have visited a country with such variety. If you delve deep you will never understand what exactly the country is and just go along with the flow. It has a great culinary tradition and it differs from state to state. So expect the unexpected at this land of great civilization.

UNESCO Certified Sites Of India

This rich country proudly boasts of 35 heritage sites which are UNESCO certified. If you visit this country you will be confused by the choice it provides and just make out a list of what you should visit and after all the visits you will surely come back again to make future trips. It is inspirational, awe inspiring and one visit will leave you speechless.

Hill Forts Of Rajasthan | Image Resource :

Hill Forts Of Rajasthan
These are located on the Aravalli mountain range and the fortifications of these forts are strong. It is famous for its Rajput Military defence architecture. A mini city with markets, temples, urban and trading centres existed in this fort.

Buddhist Monuments At Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh
This oldest stone structure in India was built by Emperor Ashoka in 3rd century BC and it is 46 kms from Bhopal. The core of the building is a hemispherical brick structure.

Towering Chola Temples
The Brihadisvara Temple, Gangaikonda Chola Puram and Airavateshwara temple. Brihadisvara temple is a milestone of Chola architecture. It reflects an ancient culture and heritage of Tamil culture.

Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh
It is the place where earliest traces of human life on Indian subcontinent was discovered. It is more than 1, 00,000 years old and it indicates the beginning of South Asian Stone Age.

Ajanta Caves | Image Resource :

Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra
It dates back to around 2nd century BC and it consists of 31 rock cut Buddhist caves, monuments, paintings and sculpture. It marks the beginning of Indian classical art.

Nanda Devi And valley Of Flowers National Park, Uttrakhand
It is famous for a large spread of flowers and it covers the entire valley like a bed sheet.

Red Fort, New Delhi
It is in New Delhi and it is a perfect example of Mughal architecture. It is made of red sand stone and it has smaller buildings in it.

Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha
It is in the shape of a gigantic chariot with carved wheels and it is led by 6 carved horses. It reflects the grandeur of Kalinga Style architecture.

Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary
It is in the flood plains of Brahmaputra and it has the largest population of the Indian one horned rhinos.

Sundarbans National Park | Image Resource :

Sundarbans National Park
It is the largest mangrove forests in the world and it is the largest reserves for Bengal Tiger.

With many, many visits you will get a feel of India and each visit will not satisfy you and you will yearn for more. UNESCO world heritage site in India are many.


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