Explore the Cultural and Scenic Beauty of Kochi

Located in the South Western state of India, i.e. Kerala, Kochi also popularly known as Cochin is one of the most highly rated tourist destinations for nature lovers as well as leisure tourists seeking a break from their everyday schedule and hustle bustle of the urban lifestyle. The city is an ancient port city operational since 1341 when it was used for trade with Chinese, European and Arab merchants. Apart from the beautiful places for sightseeing the city also flaunts its rich colonial culture and Portuguese influence.

There is a high demand for travel and accommodation in Kochi and hence it is recommended that you make your hotel bookings at least 28 days in advance so as to avoid any last minute hassles. There are a host of budget hotels as well as luxurious five star and four star hotel in cochin that can be booked in advance via any of the leading travel websites that too from the comfort of your office or home. Some of the most popular accommodation alternatives in the city include:

Hotel in cochin | Image Resource: abadhotels.com

Hotel Olive Regency
Angel Garden Beach Homestay
Malayattoor Residency
Signature Crest Lake View Villa
Cochin City Residency
OYO Rooms Fort Kochi Bus Stand etc.

Places to Explore At Night

If you prefer exploring the less frequented and unique places in Kochi after the sun sets down the horizon here is some info that might come in handy while planning your trip to this alluring seaside town. Nature lovers as well as solitude seekers must visit these places in and around Cochin to collect never before memories of the surreal natural beauty of these places as well as bask in their cultural richness.

Vypeen Island Zone

One of the must visit attractions in Kochi which you can visit at night as well as in the day time is the Vypeen Island Zone. This place is one of the most picturesque and scenic attractions located around 35 kilometres from the city centre where the heavenly VembanandLake merges with the vast and pacifying Arabian Sea.

This mesmerising island is easily accessible from another iconic attraction i.e. the Fort Kochi as well as with the mainland Ernakulam via jetty services and bridges respectively. Enjoy the marine journey from Fort Kochi to this place and then vice versa.

Fort Kochi

If you are interested in exploring the intermingling of cultures and rich architectural influences in Kochi do visit the iconic Fort Cochin which is located to the North Wast of the Mattancherry Palace in Kochi. You can notice the mesmerising architecture of the houses and other buildings here which show significant European influences. There are rich traders belonging to the British era who reside in this area and hence the Dutch cottages are a beautiful specimen of the intermingling of cultures. Do visit the Mattancherry Palace, the Saint Francis Church as well as the Chinese Fishing Nets while you are in Fort Kochi.

Chinese Fishing Nets

These unique Chinese Fishing Nets are reminiscent of the strong relations of the Chinese Emperors with the rulers of Cochin. Except for China these fishing nets are exclusively available in this city.

Chinese Fishing Nets | Image Resource: travel.paintedstork.com



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