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The Gateway To Northeast India

guwahati tourism

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One of the famous places of North East India is Guwahati situated in the state of Assam. The city is fast developing due to its stress on tourism and the also due to the business and industrial influx. The city is also home many species of animals such as Rhinoceros, Pythons, Asian Elephants, Tigers, Gaurs and some endangered birds.

Get Treated Like Gods in Guwahati

There are several nicknames given to the city of Guwahati such as the Gateway to Northeast India, The City of Temples and the Light of the East. Guwahati tourism has come to the forefront and to accommodate the flow of tourists into the city, several hotels and lodges have cropped up.

The city treats the visitors and guests very well and the people are quite friendly. It is easy to reach Guwahati by air since there are as many as 110 flights on a daily basis. Jet Airways, Jet Lite, Indigo and GoAir are some of the airlines that provide flight services to the beautiful city of waterfalls and gardens.

You can book into any of the star hotels or the lodges that give you both luxury and comfort and also value for your money. Go in for a packaged tour if you feel that you need guidance while you are in the city. Kiranshree Portico, Hotel Nandan, Hotel Dynasty and Ginger are some of the hotels that you could book yourself into.

balaji temple

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The City of Temples

The above title is apt for the city since the city is surrounded by temples on all the sides. Kamakhya Temple, Umananda Temple, Ugro Tara Temple, Basistha Temple, Balaji Temple, Lankeshwar Temple, Shyam Mandir and Geeta Mandir are some of the temples that tourists could visit to feel peaceful and calm and also to take a look at the architectural beauty of the temples.

If these are not reasons enough, there and other places of attraction in the city such as Assam State Zoo, State Museum, Dipor Bill (wildlife sanctuary and lake), Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra (art and cultural museum), Nehru Park, Dreamland Amusement Park, Soonchali Picnic place and Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary

Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource :

Things to Do in Guwahati

Ambubachi Mela- If you are visiting Guwahati in the months of June-July, you can witness the famous Ambubachi Mela held in Kamakhya Temple. Apart from the worshipping of the idols, the fair held there offer a variety of cultural activities and shops from which you can buy innumerable items at budgeted rates.

Go on a cruise of river Brahmaputra and enjoy the scenic beauty and at the same time get a taste of the local cuisine while taking a ride in the local ferry.

Recreational facilities include swimming and golfing. Feel one with the nature and enjoy the time of your life while you indulge in your favourite sports.

If you visit Guwahati in the mid of April, you will be the lucky one to witness the Bohag Bihu festival, which is the mark of New Year of the people of Assam. You can witness the traditional dance and culture of the people of Guwahati and also taste the food there.



Things To Do In Abu Dhabi For Non-stop Entertainment!

Abu Dhabi

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The Island capital of UAE Abu Dhabi offers a plethora of attractions for its visitors to explore the beauty and culture of desert life. Swim, relax or sail in vast stretches of shimmering turquoise sea; explore its deep rooted past in its historic sites, heritage attractions, museums and arts; indulge in its vibrant mix of international flavors and ride on the camels in its desert sands or cruise through the desert.

Every tourist attraction is unique and an experience for the travelers to cherish lifelong. Some of the activities in Abu Dhabi that is entertaining and worth every penny include:

Evening Desert Safari

Nothing is more enthralling and exhilarating than cruising through the desert. A drive away from the city into the stunning landscapes of desert for a heart throbbing desert cruise is something never to miss in deserts. The desert cruise organizers pick you up from your hotels. After desert bashing and visit to the camel farm they take you to a camp tucked in desert where entertainment awaits to unfold at dusk. You can relax in the cushion laden camps, enjoy the rhythmic movements of the belly dancer around the sunset campfire and feast your grumbling stomachs with tasty BBQ dinner.

ferrari world

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Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour

New comers to this city can take this tour to get an insight into the culture and life of the people of Abu Dhabi beyond its glittering sky scrapers. The tour starts in an air-conditioned coach with a guide who takes you around the city explaining the city’s past, present and future plans. The tour includes a trip to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque one of the biggest mosques in the world that can accommodate up to 40,000 people. It is a wonderful white marble structure with spectacular domes and minarets.

Other drops include bustling souk to grab some souvenirs as you stroll past them, dates market where you can purchase the fresh dates and finally the Heritage village. It is an open air museum that recreates the desert life before the discovery of petroleum.

Ferrari World

Don’t miss the adventure in the Ferrari world, Abu Dhabi for anything in the world. This world’s largest theme park has 20 rides and entertainment with a Ferrari theme. You can begin your entertainment package with Formula Rossa coaster. This adrenaline pumping ride is only for the brave hearts as it rockets you to a height of 170 feet at 240 kmph speed and then drops you. There are also other family friendly rides and a virtual tour of the Ferrari Factory. Restaurants and cafes are available to refresh you every now and then.

srilankan airlines ticket price

srilankan airlines ticket price | Image Resource :

Sri Lankan Airlines ticket price gives maximum comfort at affordable costs!

Sri Lankan Airlines can be always considered while booking your tickets to Abu Dhabi. Online booking saves you time and money and the portals help you with your travel plans with necessary details like routes, dates and the best deals available at the time of booking. srilankan airlines ticket price  is always less comparatively and a big comfort to the budget travellers!

Sri Lankan Airlines is connected to 60 destinations in 33 countries and booking your tickets to Abu Dhabi in this airline ensures safe and comfort journey with a lot of in-flight entertainment and meal options.

Things to Do in Dehradun: The City of Fun and Love!

Another gem lying 453 meter elevation on the ever-spectacular Himalayas is Dehradun. Mist obscured tall Oak and Pine trees, hills peeking form moving clouds, cobbled streets with tourists pedaling around this little town of unending treats to shutterbugs, Dehradun tourism will leave you mesmerized at every view.

Dehradun tourism | Image Resource:

Quick Tourism Facts:

The nearest airport:Jolly Grant, 24 km from Dehradun city.
Winter-December to February
Summer- March to June
Autumn -October to November
Rajpur Road to find best food

1. Sahastradhara:

Literally means “The Thousand Fold spring”. This place is a conglomerate of waterfalls, caves and steppe farming lands. The water here drips from the lime stone stalactites in the caves. Indulge in some rafting provided by the Dehradun tourism outlets there to appreciate the terrain better!

2. Tiger Falls:

At 1400 meters above sea level, Tiger falls are 50 meters high. Right at the foothills of Himalayas, the falls are nestled between dense forests. The fall forms a small pool, an ideal picnic spot for people who have arrived in a family to enrich your Dehradun tourism.

3. Robbers Cave/ Gucchupani:

It is a river cave for 600 meters long with Waterfalls as high as 10m in it. Specialty being, the stream disappears in the cave. It is said to be used by robbers during colonial times and thus the name! Boating is available at this point. Try it out!

Robbers Cave | Image Resource:

4. Tapovan:

Tapovan is an ashram located on the banks of Ganga and is surrounded by amazing meadows, Nandavan. The myth behind it says that Dronacharya performed his penance here. Trekking to the Tapovan ashram is the most sought after thing to do here. Dehradun tourism without some trekking is incomplete.

5. Mindrolling Monastery:

Established in 1965, the monastery serves as an institute to teach Buddhist learnings. A 60m high stupa and curations of murals, relics and statues of Buddha stand as highlights. The final showdown is the 35m gold statue of Buddha. The monks here entertain the guests with some insights into the Buddhist way of living, might just be one of the things to do to have a clear head!

6. Tapkeshawar Temple

Ancient Shiva temple built on the banks of river Nandi is located in a cave as water naturally drips on the lingam. Offer your prayers here when paying a visit.

Tapkeshawar Temple | Image Resource:

7. Rajaji National Park Falls

A massive spread of 820sqkm the reserve houses broadleaf forests and a plethora of fauna. The Asian elephant and the Royal Bengal Tiger are the highlights. Hire a safari to enjoy the beauty the park has to offer.

8. The Forest Research Institute

Premier institute for Forestry service was established in 1906 by the British. It contains 6 museums for pathology, social forestry, silviculture, timber, non-wood products and entomology. Invest a solid morning in these museums.

9. Asan Barrage

Located at the Dhalipur Lake, the Asan Barrage offers an array of water sports like boating, canoeing, kayaking and is also home for many migratory birds. Kick your adrenaline with the water activities or indulge in some bird observation.

Goa Cruise Booking- Refresh And Rejuvenate Your Mind And Soul


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Goa is well known as beach capital of the country. It’s indeed a fantastic seaside destination and makes your vacation a pleasant one. A trip to Goa can bring in the spark within you. If you are planning to have beach vacation with your family and friends, there is no other better place than Goa.

Goa is a magnificent honeymoon location. Spending a lazy day on Goa beach with your date can be truly romantic. There are nearly 40 beaches in Goa with a long coastal tail. You can have some lifetime memorable experience. Goa beaches are indeed exciting place if you love to drench in sand, sea and sun.

Some of the popular beaches you need to check out in Goa are – Baga Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach and Anjuna Beach. Every beach of Goa has its own unique personality and offers heart rendering view of the place.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach | Image Resource :

Goa cruise booking- A finest way to enjoy life

Goa, being a famed tropical paradise of the country is one amongst the best location for cruising. This marvelous tiny state offers both river cruise as well as sea cruise. Be it sea cruise or river cruise, ensure to make Goa cruise booking beforehand so that you won’t miss Goa cruise at any scenario.

  • Sea cruise

Besides, its artificial and exotic natural treasures, Goa is pretty famous for sea cruising as well since its shares the border with huge Arabian Sea. Sea cruising in Goa is famous among locals as well as international vacationers as they provide royal and luxurious treatments. A number of sea cruises begin from Mumbai and halts either at Goa or Kochi.

Goa cruise booking

Goa Cruise Booking

The famous sea cruise of Goa is Super Star Libra. Indeed, it’s a luxurious one with well equipped restaurant, sports, massage parlor, bars, fitness centers and discotheque. This sea cruise is available in three types- Ocean View Room suites, Executive Suites and Junior Suites. The cost of sea cruising varies from INR 1000 to INR 2500 approximately, based on cruise type you choose.

  • River cruise

River cruise in Goa is organized on Mandovi River. Indulging hands with some of the private tour operator, the Tourism development of Goa conducts some enthralling river cruises as well. A river cruise on Mandovi River is a best alternative to alluring sunset from beach side. This is experienced by majority of the Indian tourists. The cruise starts daily from Santa Monica at 06:00 Pm and the next one at 07:15. The cost includes snacks, drinks. Live Hindi cover band, Konkani dance and Portuguese dance. You need to pay only 600 INR per head and you can have a blasting time for sure.

There are three types of river cruises available in Goa like sunset; moon light and day time in Goa. Some of the other exciting cruises in Goa are Sun down Cruise, Sun Set Cruise, Special Cruise and Full Moon Cruise. The cost of full moon cruise is approximately about INR 150 per hand for duration of one hour. Plan well and enjoy more!

Here Is How You Can Enjoy With Family At Mauritius

Things To Do In Mauritius

Things To Do In Mauritius | Image Resource :

Mauritius is a very pretty little island which paradises in the India Ocean. This place has stunning coastlines, wonderful beaches and many other surprises in store for its tourists. The specialty of Mauritius is that it has ample of things for the tourists to do with their family to enjoy their vacation at the fullest. Here is the list of the best and top 10 Things To Do In Mauritius with your family:

Try the street food: Indian, African and Chinese street food rules the street food stalls. Must try dishes are the Indian Dal and chana puris, mazavaroo paste which serves as the best dip for literally everything, Creole seafood curries and fresh fruit served on shaved and sweetened ice.

Go on long drives: Mauritius is a little mysterious and mischievous. It has numerous gorgeous villages, mouth-watering restaurants and beautiful beaches, which are hidden and can be explored via car.

Try the specialty teas: Even if you are not a tea lover, you must visit the tea plantations here to refresh your senses. Bois Cheri Tea Plantation is a must visit, the scenery of this tea plantation is breath-taking. You can try out the 12 varities of refreshing teas which are served with their signature biscuits.

Visit the Chamarel Village: This village is popular for its unmatchable aesthetics. You must carry your camera to this village to capture the gorgeous views over here. You can also book a room in the hotel for a longer stay in this amazing village.

Chamarel Village

Chamarel Village | Image Resource :

Explore the splendid coastline: Visiting Mauritius and not exploring the splendid coastline is just impossible. This is the most amazing thing to do in Mauritius, and this is what the island is so famous for. Go to the beaches, get indulged in the water sports and activities go for scuba diving and much more. This alone will give you much talked about Mauritius feel.

Try the best beverages on the island: This Island is going to serve you with the best alcohol nectar. Flavored rum is most popular of all and the best place to have beverages on the island is Rhumerie de Chamarel.

Take the undersea walk: Experience the amazing flora and fauna of the Indian Ocean, by having the lifetime experience of the undersea walk which is very safe, beautiful and astonishing.

Explore the cultural potpourri: This would lead you to explore the various wonderful Temples, Mosques and Churches where you will find English, Creole, Hindi and French speaking people. And must try the enthusiastic and flamboyant Sega dance.

Go for hiking on the nature trails: Visit the Black River Gorges National Park, which is Mauritius’s largest and most beautiful nature reserve, with over 300 species of flora and fauna and also try your hand at hiking here.

Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park | Image Resource :

Explore the crocodile park: Crocodile being the centre of attraction, this park also has huge bats and tortoises, mongooses, varied monkeys and a massive collection of butterflies and other insects. Kids and adults can joyously experience the varied fauna in an absolute safe manner.  

The Spicy Food of the Temple City of Tirupati

Tirupati is a temple city which is located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is known for the temples and its significance to the Hindu population. The city is located in the Chitoor district of the state. The city is visited by millions of followers and pilgrims every month. There are many good hotels and resorts which are located here for the tourists and travellers from all parts of the world.

Flights From Hyderabad To Tirupati

Flights From Hyderabad To Tirupati | Image Resource :

Flights Available from Hyderabad

The city of Tirupati is well connected with an airport and has direct flights from different parts of the nation. There are many domestic flights which have connected the city with other parts of the country. You can book Flights From Hyderabad To Tirupati easily online. As many as 40 direct flights are available in this sector for the passengers. Airlines such as Spice Jet, Air India, and Air Costa operate the different airlines in this sector.

To get the best offers and deals you can book your tickets at least 30 to 45 days in advance of your journey. Many online services and facilities have started by the airlines which include

  • Online check in
  • Online ticket booking
  • Online flight schedule
  • Online flight status

Tirupati being a city full of temples has many vegetarian restaurants all over the city. You can find and eat some of the best cuisines and delicacies here in the region. You can find here several canteens which are run by the different trusts which sell food packets available at a much subsidised price. Apart from these trust run canteens in the city you can also find many restaurants in Tirupati which are known for its world class food.


Tirupati | Image Resource :

Enjoy South Indian Delicacies at these Places

One of the places where you can enjoy the food in the city includes Nitya Anna Dana Hall which is a temple hotel located at a distance of just 1 km from the place of worship. The food which is made available here is basic and is full of vegetable dishes, rice, chutney and sambhar, rasam along with high quality butter milk. Almost 25000 pilgrims eat here every day. The food is served on banana leaves or stainless steel plates.

Another popular destination where you can relish the food of the region in Tirupati is Balaji Woodlands which is known for its cleanliness and has very good options of eating South Indian tiffin meals. The hotel is located very near to the bazaar. If you want to taste the amazing spicy snacks of the region then this is definitely the place to explore. The food here is very tasty and reasonably priced.

You can also visit the Woodside Restaurant in the city which is known for its delicious meals served here. The prices of the meals available are very reasonable and affordable. You can taste some of the finest South Indian snacks for lunch and dinner. There are variety of cuisines which include delicacies other than South Indian like North Indian dishes, Mughlai and Chinese which are served here at the restaurant.