Here Is How You Can Enjoy With Family At Mauritius

Things To Do In Mauritius

Things To Do In Mauritius | Image Resource :

Mauritius is a very pretty little island which paradises in the India Ocean. This place has stunning coastlines, wonderful beaches and many other surprises in store for its tourists. The specialty of Mauritius is that it has ample of things for the tourists to do with their family to enjoy their vacation at the fullest. Here is the list of the best and top 10 Things To Do In Mauritius with your family:

Try the street food: Indian, African and Chinese street food rules the street food stalls. Must try dishes are the Indian Dal and chana puris, mazavaroo paste which serves as the best dip for literally everything, Creole seafood curries and fresh fruit served on shaved and sweetened ice.

Go on long drives: Mauritius is a little mysterious and mischievous. It has numerous gorgeous villages, mouth-watering restaurants and beautiful beaches, which are hidden and can be explored via car.

Try the specialty teas: Even if you are not a tea lover, you must visit the tea plantations here to refresh your senses. Bois Cheri Tea Plantation is a must visit, the scenery of this tea plantation is breath-taking. You can try out the 12 varities of refreshing teas which are served with their signature biscuits.

Visit the Chamarel Village: This village is popular for its unmatchable aesthetics. You must carry your camera to this village to capture the gorgeous views over here. You can also book a room in the hotel for a longer stay in this amazing village.

Chamarel Village

Chamarel Village | Image Resource :

Explore the splendid coastline: Visiting Mauritius and not exploring the splendid coastline is just impossible. This is the most amazing thing to do in Mauritius, and this is what the island is so famous for. Go to the beaches, get indulged in the water sports and activities go for scuba diving and much more. This alone will give you much talked about Mauritius feel.

Try the best beverages on the island: This Island is going to serve you with the best alcohol nectar. Flavored rum is most popular of all and the best place to have beverages on the island is Rhumerie de Chamarel.

Take the undersea walk: Experience the amazing flora and fauna of the Indian Ocean, by having the lifetime experience of the undersea walk which is very safe, beautiful and astonishing.

Explore the cultural potpourri: This would lead you to explore the various wonderful Temples, Mosques and Churches where you will find English, Creole, Hindi and French speaking people. And must try the enthusiastic and flamboyant Sega dance.

Go for hiking on the nature trails: Visit the Black River Gorges National Park, which is Mauritius’s largest and most beautiful nature reserve, with over 300 species of flora and fauna and also try your hand at hiking here.

Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park | Image Resource :

Explore the crocodile park: Crocodile being the centre of attraction, this park also has huge bats and tortoises, mongooses, varied monkeys and a massive collection of butterflies and other insects. Kids and adults can joyously experience the varied fauna in an absolute safe manner.  


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