Goa Cruise Booking- Refresh And Rejuvenate Your Mind And Soul


GOA | Image Resource : pinimg.com

Goa is well known as beach capital of the country. It’s indeed a fantastic seaside destination and makes your vacation a pleasant one. A trip to Goa can bring in the spark within you. If you are planning to have beach vacation with your family and friends, there is no other better place than Goa.

Goa is a magnificent honeymoon location. Spending a lazy day on Goa beach with your date can be truly romantic. There are nearly 40 beaches in Goa with a long coastal tail. You can have some lifetime memorable experience. Goa beaches are indeed exciting place if you love to drench in sand, sea and sun.

Some of the popular beaches you need to check out in Goa are – Baga Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach and Anjuna Beach. Every beach of Goa has its own unique personality and offers heart rendering view of the place.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach | Image Resource : blogspot.com

Goa cruise booking- A finest way to enjoy life

Goa, being a famed tropical paradise of the country is one amongst the best location for cruising. This marvelous tiny state offers both river cruise as well as sea cruise. Be it sea cruise or river cruise, ensure to make Goa cruise booking beforehand so that you won’t miss Goa cruise at any scenario.

  • Sea cruise

Besides, its artificial and exotic natural treasures, Goa is pretty famous for sea cruising as well since its shares the border with huge Arabian Sea. Sea cruising in Goa is famous among locals as well as international vacationers as they provide royal and luxurious treatments. A number of sea cruises begin from Mumbai and halts either at Goa or Kochi.

Goa cruise booking

Goa Cruise Booking

The famous sea cruise of Goa is Super Star Libra. Indeed, it’s a luxurious one with well equipped restaurant, sports, massage parlor, bars, fitness centers and discotheque. This sea cruise is available in three types- Ocean View Room suites, Executive Suites and Junior Suites. The cost of sea cruising varies from INR 1000 to INR 2500 approximately, based on cruise type you choose.

  • River cruise

River cruise in Goa is organized on Mandovi River. Indulging hands with some of the private tour operator, the Tourism development of Goa conducts some enthralling river cruises as well. A river cruise on Mandovi River is a best alternative to alluring sunset from beach side. This is experienced by majority of the Indian tourists. The cruise starts daily from Santa Monica at 06:00 Pm and the next one at 07:15. The cost includes snacks, drinks. Live Hindi cover band, Konkani dance and Portuguese dance. You need to pay only 600 INR per head and you can have a blasting time for sure.

There are three types of river cruises available in Goa like sunset; moon light and day time in Goa. Some of the other exciting cruises in Goa are Sun down Cruise, Sun Set Cruise, Special Cruise and Full Moon Cruise. The cost of full moon cruise is approximately about INR 150 per hand for duration of one hour. Plan well and enjoy more!


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