Moscow, Perfect Destination for the Night Crawlers!!


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As the waning day approaches the buzzing night life of Moscow spreads its wings illuminating the thick darkness into a supernova. Moscow’s nightlife is truly unrivaled with its plethora of options for hardcore party lovers, clubbers or even for walking around for a drink or two. This city’s bars never disappoint the guest as most of these clubs also pairs up with restaurants and nightclubs and bring respite from the chilly night outside. Moscow’s electrifying night life covers a charge too so it’s always advisable to stick to the pre-decided venue rather than burning hole in your pockets. Below a list of some famous hangout zones advocated by locals as well as tourists visiting Moscow. So pack your party dress and your dancing shoes because behind the velvet ropes lie the most sought-after nightclubs in Moscow.

The list of night clubs is (in) exhaustive and you can certainly take your pick out of these mentioned places but ensure about the overpriced venues where charges are rather exaggerated before selecting your site.

1. Kamchatka

Located at one of the prime setting of the city, Kamchatka attracts a lot of crowd towards its intriguing décor and subtle musical retreat with an array of food and alcohol at quite affordable price. The house strength beer is called Kamchatka and expenses $3.This venue is has garnered a trendy reputation over many years and most clubbers seem to be quite easy-going and liberal which makes it one of the top pick.

Address: 7, Kuznetsky Most (Metro stations Kuznetsky Most or OkhotnyRyad)


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2. Gipsy

This renowned bar & club is one of the premier zone for the clubbers for its magnificent ambience, well lit dance floor and wide assortment of menu offered here. The meal will cost you $13 and a Mojito is sold for $8. Weekends can make you wait for hours as some of the city’s best techno jams take place here on Fridays, while Saturdays are reserved for mash-up and alco-dance music. The disco balls hanging the ceiling ornamented with disco balls and walls furnished in fake cheetah skins make the perfect part mood. The crowd is quite mellowed and you can easily groove to the tune.

Address: 3; 4, Bolotnaya Nab.

3. Night Flight

With an excellent kitchen and great food at reasonable prices this place is also equipped with an outstanding bar and dance floor. This expansive club with high ceilings makes it one of the favorite chills out zone. Boasting about the most gorgeous crowd this place is the answer for all the night lifers.

Address: 17, Moscow, Russia, 12500

4. Buddha-Bar Moscow

Buddha-Bar is truly a hedonistic experience that not only avoids the conceited nature of other night clubs but also an escapade from the buzzing city life. You can enjoy the signature cuisines and cocktails, in front of a wonderful view on the historic city. Buddha-Bar Moscow will astound you with a Restaurant, a Lounge Bar, a VIP room and a Karaoke room. The unique setting and interior is too alluring for smart young people as well as for business elites who appreciate the taste of life.

Address: Tsvetnoy Blvd, 2, Moskva, Russia, 127051

5. Propaganda

A benchmark destination for the trendsetting clubbers of Moscow, Propaganda extends a friendly crowd of local students, foreign tourists and particularly favored by Moscow expats. Main events take place every Thursday night, when DJ Sanches puts on his techno set for the coolest clubbers in town. The techo music ensures you the best dancing experience ever and the restaurant serves the best Caesar salad ($5) in the city.

Address: 7, Bolshoi Zlatoustinsky Pereulok (Metro station Kitay-Gorod)

6. Mendeleev Bar Restaurant

The exquisite interiors of this restaurant and bar will immerse you in thriving Moscow’s nightlife. You will get a glimpse of the city’s bygone days and its mystical architecture sets the mood to engage I a cocktail date. Great food accompanied with captivating music will compel you to visit this place recurrently. Don’t forget to check your tickets with Aeroflot booking.

Aeroflot Booking

Aeroflot Booking | Image Resource :

Address: Petrovkaul, 20/1, Moskva, Russia, 127051


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