What To Expect in Your Bali Vacation? 


Bali | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

India has had civilizational ties with south-east Asia since ancient times. Bali, a small island in Indonesia has retained its distinct culture in a predominately Islamic island. If you are have a genuine interest in Indian culture and want to know about its influence abroad, then Bali is the best place to be. Therefore, if you are looking for a place where you can feel closer to home during vacation, then Bali would be the best place. Here are some of the best places which you can visit during your stay here:-

Kuta Beach

This is the place where you can come across people of all age groups. From flying kites to honing your surfing lessons, this place is a melting point for tourists from all parts of the world. Swimming on the azure waters and then taking a stroll on the sandy beaches can help you learn to appreciate the positive things in life. There are a wide variety of pure, unadulterated fun and games. Nobody who comes here leaves with any complaints related to boredom here. You cannot explore the island within a single day. Therefore, you will need to plan your Bali holidays here months before you come here.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach | Image Resource : ytimg.com

Jimbaran Beach

This beach is quite opposite to the Kuta Beach where you can take your little one out for leisure. However, you can be assured that your child won’t be missing any enjoyment. Apart from walking over the sandy beaches and try local cuisines. When your children have played for enough in the Sand, you can take them to the lively, early-morning fish market.

This is one of the best places where you can start your Bali tour since it lies closest to the airport. The Jimbaran Bay Beach Resort is an ideal place for staying if you have a vacation worth remembering. It has state of art facilities and offers facilities for airport pickup to tourists who put up here.


Ubud is the cultural center of the island and is well connected with all major beach resorts. Being here will also be more exciting since you will get to watch a cultural show of Balinese songs, dance and theatre with vivid costumes and performances. The cafes here allow the entry of kids and offer a great quality of food. The Elephant Safari Park is located at an hour’s drive and offers kids a leisure friendly ride through the forest.


Ubud | Image Resource : telegraph.co.uk

Sanur Beach

If your kids are accompanying you, then Sanur Beach would be the best place you can visit. The calm lagoon waters are surrounded by a beautiful reef. This is the largest natural kiddie-pool in the entire world. The shops and restaurants here are located at a close distance from the water’s edge for adults and spend the time while accompanying your kids. The Bali Safari and Marine Park for viewing tigers and Komodo Dragons within their natural habitat. The rooms can be fully booked during the vacations in a great way.

Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach | Image Resource : asiawebdirect.com




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