A trip to Guwahati – Checking out the Amazing North Eastern Cuisines

It is always a great pleasure to catch up with your old friends. I planned one get together with few of my old friends in Guwahati. It was good that all of them agreed to meet at a place where we can relive some of the past memories. I had to travel from Fatehpur for this journey as I am posted here currently. I was very excited for this opportunity as North East is one of the places which I always wanted to travel.

Guwahati is the capital city of Assam and I was very excited to travel there for the first time. The food and culture of North East India is something which I always wanted to explore. During my stay there with my friends there are many places which I travelled and also tasted and tried different cuisines and snacks.

Stay at Hotel Fame City

I had made all the booking arrangements for myself well in advance. For my stay in the city I had booked Hotel Fame City in Guwahati which is an amazing 3 star hotel located very conveniently in the centre of the city. The hotel has 22 rooms which are good and big and full of excellent services and amenities. It was an ideal stay here at the hotel and I loved their hospitality.

The hotel has many in-house facilities and services for the guests and tourists coming from all parts of the world. Some of the services which I truly loved here at the Hotel were

  • In-house restaurant specialising in local cuisines
  • 24 hour coffee shops with range of beverages
  • Conference room service for the business travellers
  • Pick and drop facility is also available for everyone

I had booked an executive room for myself in the hotel which was truly world class. It had all kinds of modern amenities which are required. The room had a TV with satellite channels; free breakfast was also available to all the guests in the room. Morning newspapers, complimentary toiletries and tea coffee maker were also available in the room.

The Tasty Aaloo Pitika


Aalo Pitika | Image Resource : blogspot.com

During my stay in Guwahati I tried much of the local food and cuisine. One of the dishes which I loved in there was the Aalo Pitika which is a popular item here. It is a side dish and available with all the restaurants in the city. Aaloo Pitika means Mashed Potato. There are many other ingredients which are mixed with it to give a new flavour to the dish.

There are many places where I had this. Each one of them has own unique flavours and ingredients mixed to it to give the dish a new taste. Some of the restaurants also serve with boiled eggs and even crushed dried fishes to give it a new and enhanced taste. All in all, the dish is one of the finest in the region and must try if you visit Assam for the first time. The price of this dish is very reasonable and quantity is optimum for one person.

North East Express Train Journey


North East Train Time Table | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

For my travel to Guwahati I had booked the north East Express which starts from Anand Vihar terminus in Delhi at 6.45 am. It is a superfast train and I booked First Class Non AC tickets in the train. I used the Indian railways apps on mobile to check the North East Train Time Table and book my tickets from Fatehpur station.

It was going to be a very long journey to Guwahati so I was prepared with all the food items and entertainment options. I boarded the train at 2.30 pm from Fatehpur station. It reached Guwahati the next day at 4.50 pm.


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