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Enjoy the Northern plains of India in Chandigarh

Chandigarh City
Chandigarh City | Image Resource:

Chandigarh is a designed city. The combined capital of Punjab and Haryana and as a Union Territory was constructed by architect Le Corbusier who was inspired by modernism. Some of the prominent architecture of Corbusier in Chandigarh is the Capital Complex that includes the High Court, the Secretariat, the Legislative Assembly and the Giant Open Hand monument. The climate of Chandigarh is usually extreme. Even with the climate, Life in Chandigarh is supposed to easy and the city is taken to be one of the best-planned cities in India and counted amongst the finest in the World.

The most famous tourist spots of Chandigarh

Chandigarh also was known as the ‘City beautiful’ has equable amount of greenery and is also a store for several unique works of art. Some of these places, which attract tourists are:

Rock Garden Chandigarh
Rock Garden Chandigarh | Image Resource:
  • Rock garden, Chandigarh: this park near the city consists of statues made of stones, ceramic sculptures, models of recycled ceramics and relics from the Industrial areas.
  • Sukhna Lake: One of the most prominent tourist attractions in Chandigarh. The sight of the lake stretching over for 3 km at the foothills of the Shivalik ranges is breathtaking.
  • Capital Complex Tourist Centre: located in the Sector 1 in the city of Chandigarh, this is a Government complex. The complex was built by the Architect of Chandigarh, Le Corbusier and the building is now a world heritage site as termed by UNESCO.

Parks and Gardens

Chandigarh is a planned city and hence the greenery is well focussed on. At every junction, you shall find a park and fresh air to rest. Some of the most popular parks of Chandigarh are:

  • Garden of Fragrance: this is a park which is an enthusiast for a botanical garden. Every day the park is open from 10 AM to 6 PM. It is a very suitable place for an early morning walk for all ages.
  • Shanti Kunj Park: another park is Chandigarh to bring freshness in the lives of people. Groups of people exercise here daily. Other such parks are the terraced garden and the Butterfly park.
  • Topiary Park: this park has well shaped large trees and huge shaded area of greenery, the park opens at 4 AM and closes at 12 PM.
  • Zakir Hussain Rose Garden: Spread in over 30 acres of land, this botanical garden has 1600 species of roses and about 50000 rose shrubs. It is open at all hours of the day.

Travel option to travel Chandigarh via Airways

Spicejet Ticket Booking
Spicejet Ticket Booking | Image Resource:

More than 5 flights a day make the trip to Chandigarh from any metropolitan city airports. Several Airlines help you to make this trip but if you get a Spicejet Ticket booking then you have received a safe journey in a reasonable price online. Other than online booking of the flight seats, you can book hotels online. These hotels provide you great facilities and a luxurious stay. Do not forget to try the special Punjabi dishes while you can visit Chandigarh.


Flight By British Airways Made My Trip More Enjoyable

Last summer, I decided to enjoy my vacation through a pleasure trip to New York, which is 1149 Km away from Chicago, the US city where I am staying currently. I have great interest for seeing the famous places and New York is known to house quite such places, where the visitors can be acquainted with the historical facts and features. So I looked on the internet and booked my air ticket and hotel accommodation, to make my trip comfortable.

New York
New York | Image Resource:

I chose to stay in a 2 Star hotel of New York, named Villa 121 Guest House that is conveniently located very close to most of the tourist attractions of this city and well connected to all other parts through the 125th Street underground station, which is only 5 minutes walking distance from this hotel. The room was decorated with bright colored upholsteries and comfortable wooden furniture, even in its separate sitting area. The air-conditioned room had a satellite TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, iron and hair dryer. The attached bathroom had all the necessary toiletries and bath robe.

Comfortable in-flight services provided by British Airways

British Airways
British Airways | Image Resource:

My air ticket was booked in the Economy Class of British Airways, a popular and reliable airline in the world, as it is the flag carrier of the UK. I loved all the in-flight facilities provided by this airline, during this short journey of only around 2 hours.

  • The large seats of the Economy Class cabin were very comfortable, with seat pitch of around 32 inches and arranged in convenient alignment. The passengers were also given extra privacy, if asked for a premium service.
  • The passengers were welcomed with complimentary fruit juices or hot beverages, after boarding the plane. We were also offered tasty snacks and refreshed drinks as part of in-flight meal service.
  • The passengers were offered a bar system, where any of them could take any alcoholic drink, along with a light snack.
  • There were personal screens attached before each seat, to enable the passengers to enjoy various entertaining programs, as part of in-flight entertainment system of this airline.

Great experience of visiting the prominent New York tourist destinations

In New York, my first aim was to see the world famous Statue of Liberty, whose pictures I had seen earlier in books. So I went to Battery Park, in southern part of Manhattan Island, just opposite to New York Harbor. There was Castle Clinton in this park area, from where I got ferry service that took me to the colossal Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. I was awestruck to see this copper statue of Roman Goddess Libertas, with a torch in her lifted hand and a tablet on the other hand. The broken chain at the feet of this statue made it an icon of national independence of this country.

The Battery Park
The Battery Park | Image Resource:

Next day I went to see Central Park that was very close to my hotel. This urban park is notable for housing several points of attractions; like a red granite obelisk called Cleopatra’s Needle, seven artificial lakes, a zoo, an aquarium and 29 magnificent sculptures. I also visited Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is the biggest art museum of this country and situated adjacent to Central Park. I felt so excited to see the 17 departments of this museum, featuring numerous objects of arts from ancient period till date.

Whenever I will have another chance of visiting New York in future, I will surely buy air tickets from this airline only.

Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights – Connecting Destinations Offering Eclectic Business and Leisure Options,width-400,resizemode-4/50788319.jpg

Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights |  Image Resource :

With countries witnessing inspiring changes in the domestic aviation industry, there has seen increase in the number of travelers taking to the skies. Airlines with flights connecting every possible city offer easy travel between places, thereby increasing comforts and convenience. They help traveling not only easily but also cheaply with many budget flights plying in the route.

By connecting two cities, airlines promote tourism, which in turn help the economic growth of the cities. Bangalore and Hyderabad are the two cities well connected with regular flights by major airlines. The Bangalore to Hyderabad flights offer nonstop and stopover services at various timings daily and weekly. A destination known for the rich history imbibed through the various Muslims dynasties, Hyderabad is turning fast to the fast developing city with many large industries and companies finding their place here.

Being the twin capital city of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Hyderabad welcomes people with excellent infrastructures from places like Bangalore. People on sightseeing can find attractions like Golkonda, Charminar, Ramoji Film City, Salar Jung Museum, Birla Mandir, Chowmahalla Palace, Lumbini Park, and so on. Bangalore, called the Silicon Valley of India, offers chances enough for people who are on the pursuit of business or leisure. It is home to many multinational companies and industries that specialize in various business activities.

People find flights in this route offering exciting Bangalore to Hyderabad flights airfare to fly between the two cities frequently.

Bangalore to Hyderabad Inflight View | Image  Resource :

Get to Know Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights and Timings

The travelers can know the Bangalore to Hyderabad flights schedule without any difficulties. They just need to log in to any travel agents’ website and provide traveling details. The will get a list of flights scheduled to the mentioned destination. From the list the passengers’ can choose the best suited one and travel in comforts.

There are many airlines such as Jet Airways, SpiceJet, IndiGo, Air India. SpiceJet and IndiGo airlines offer best and top-class Bangalore to Hyderabad flights which make traveling between these destinations very easy. The Bangalore to Hyderabad flights timings are SpiceJet and IndiGo are 7.30 am, 3.10 pm, 8.45 pm and 9.50 pm and 5.35 am, 6.40 am and 6.40 am respectively.

Online Booking of Flights

Both the airlines and the travel agents offer many methods to make your Bangalore to Hyderabad flights booking very easily. First you have to log into the website of the airlines or travel agents web portal and provide from and to destinations. You will be taken to a list of flight services offering their flight services between these two destinations. You can choose the best flight by comparing the price and traveling time. The passengers are facilitated to pay online without any difficulties. Online and get their tickets online itself.

Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights Services and Status

Some of the other flights that offer their flights services are Jet Konnect, Etihad Airways, SilkAir and Malaysia Airlines. The passengers can check the Bangalore to Hyderabad flights status and reach the airport on time.


Get the Best Domestic Flight Rates with Delhi to Mumbai Flights

It is the basic nature of human beings that they really love the idea of travelling. Traveling is something that can give them a peace of mind. But then a person should understand that the traveling can be due to various purposes.

The various purposes may include the business trips or the very leisure trips. No matter what the scenario is, people mostly love to avoid the idea of travelling by flights. Though there are various advantages of travelling in flight, yet people seem to avoid this particular idea because the flight can really be a very costly affair that they may not be able to handle.

flight travel

Flight Travel | Image Resource :

Especially when travelling between cities at short distances then they totally do not prefer or even consider the concept of flights.

Travelling Between Delhi to Mumbai:

If a person wants they can actually make sure of the fact, but when it comes to travelling between Delhi to Mumbai, then they can easily take the very Delhi to Mumbai flights. There are many advantages to this very thing. Though mostly a person generally prefers a different mode of travel, yet they should understand that they can get hold of Delhi to Mumbai cheap flights easily.

All they need to do is ensure that they do have access to the internet. If they have that, they can obviously get through the best possible websites and the applications that help them in booking flight tickets easily.

These particular websites and applications make sure that they do provide with a lot of discounts then considering the Delhi to Mumbai flights price.

The Various Other Advantages:


Delhi to Mumbai flights | Image Resource :

As already mentioned the distance between these two cities is not much. Yet, a person would generally get the best experience out of the travel if they decide to board Delhi to Mumbai flights. There are many advantages that they can come across when it comes to travelling with the airlines:

The Most Comfortable Journey: The Delhi to Mumbai flights ensure of the very fact that a person can actually get hold of the best possible journey experience ever. It is simply because of the fact that travelling does not take much time when it comes to boarding of a flight instead of any other travel mode.

Excellent Personalized Services: This is considerably one of the best features a person can actually come across when it comes to the very concept of travelling on the flights. The various Delhi to Mumbai flights services are really the most important things that a person can experience in the very short trip.

Get A View Two Best Airports: Yes, the Delhi and the Mumbai Airports both are equally magnificent by nature. People can be much assured of the fact having a view of these two best airports can actually provide them with the best possible travel experience all over.

All these points can actually encourage a person to get hold of those Delhi to Mumbai flight tickets as immediately as they can.

Save Lot By Booking Cheapest Air Tickets To Have A Satisfactory Travel Experience

Exploring the globe has never been much pleasure for vacationers. Exotic locations, excellent amenities, innumerable airways, and the updated infrastructural service around the globe have transformed the globe of tours and traveling. Moreover, with huge discounts and inexpensive flight tickets travelers are obtaining the greatest of their budget.

flight tickets

Flight Tickets | Image Resource :

Almost all the airways offer special vacation packages, often flyer programs, discounts, and many more. Travel sites and travel operators and other sites are also in strike to please clients. Though you might not obtain discounts on international flight tickets, getting online air tickets has become almost easier.

Cheapest Airline Tickets – consider some factors

Travel operators, travel websites, airline consolidators and airways are luring visitors from all across the globe. With the whole travel management buzzing, people are looking for tripping easy on their wallets. But one needs to be cautious whilst finding for cheapest air tickets. You might end up rewarding more than the real price of air tickets due to the hidden expenses.

cheapest air tickets

Cheapest Air Tickets | Image Resource :

You should know that there are many factors for obtaining bargain on flight tickets. You cannot depend on each offer of huge discount as they might be all incorrect. One fact that you should be clear on your head is that international air tickets costs are managed by IATA, so lesser discounts are provided on international carrier tickets.

More information: selection and cheapest air tickets fare

If you desire to save a lot on your air tickets, then you have to be very flexi with your travel dates. Many of the online tourist portals have the choice to know flight tickets rates for several dates. So it’s beneficial to look for flexible travel dates.

A few seconds of exploring might save you around some hundred bucks. Another factor is you need to understand which days of the week can bring you cheap deals.

For instance, booking on Tuesday can be lighter on wallet than booking on weekends or Sundays. Another point is that you want to find for the special packages offered by tourist sites. Hence, be ready to pick anytime at travel site. Some tourist groups provide some outstanding hotel and travel packages. These are truly best in terms of budget. Web portals provide such deals as these can be gathered at fewer prices and the management can create two settlements in a single go.

There is another important factor that you need to regard with respect to inexpensive flight tickets. You can get tickets from flight carrier service. They provide cheap domestic air tickets as they buy baggage slot in lieu of inexpensive flight tickets. If you’re a seasoned visitor, joining an often flyer program is a best manner to save budget on cheap air tickets fare.

Online Cheapest Air Tickets Booking

The best part of online booking is that you will be able to make very fast and simple as well. With the help of online sites you will be able to get cheapest airline tickets, during off season as they’re much inexpensive at that span.

Another point is that one should go for round-trip air tickets rather that one path air ticket as these are more affordable. Preparing your trip in advance aids in determine return travel dates. So think and plan your tour ahead.

Excelling Services And World Class Amenities Make Etihad Airways A Premium One

There are a huge number of airlines companies operating flights on international routes. However, to acquire a prestigious position among the world list of eminent airlines is not an easy job. But, Etihad has bagged prominent recognition and prestige due to their state of the art flights and services within a nominal span of few years.

This Abu Dhabi based airline company offers the quintessential feel of Arabian culture, esteemed traditional values in welcoming and hosting flight guests. Emerging as a conjoining flying service between the East and the West, this airline have accomplished worthy recognition globally for at par excellence services and facilities.

Flight Services of Etihad Airways

The flights operated by Etihad Airways showcase a flight experience completely redefined. The airline has reached across the edge unique flight experiences by providing innovative amenities on board. Not only will the interiors of these flights, but even the services explain the brimming fame of the airlines.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways | Image Resource :

A personalized access to entertainment on board with individual screens in front of every seat.

Reach out to more than 120 movies, 300+ popular TV shows, 7 exclusively Live channels on board.

Among the Etihad Airways amenities a great range of library of CD, games, and access to popular radio channels offers you a complete entertaining engagement opportunity for your long duration journey.

Get access to a wide spectrum of products like cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances, etc and avail up to 10% discount on orders placed on board.

Exclusive Etihad Airways Services

The Etihad Airways provides special minor accompany services to make sure that a minor, a child can travel under exclusive supervision. However, this service is free for children between 5yrs to 12 yrs and above that you must pay to avail the minor accompany service.

The Etihad Airways offers a vivid and thorough guideline on travelling criteria of an expectant mother. It enhances the exclusive medical permission and certificates required for availing a flight under pregnancy period.

Etihad Airways Onboard Services

Etihad Airways Onboard Services | Image Resource :

The airline authority keeps in mind your health and medical needs as a priority requirement. Therefore the airline has sufficient arrangement for meeting emergency medical situations. Besides it also elaborates on guidelines and restrictions prevailing on special medical conditions of travelers.

Baggage Information

Since the airline operates international flights throughout the globe, it elaborates on the terms and conditions related to Etihad Airways baggage limits applicable for travelers. You can easily inquire about the baggage limits pertaining to your flight ticket directly from the web portal of the airline. Etihad Airways extends its service diameters by incorporating especial features like tracking your lost baggage, claiming for your mishandled baggage.

Therefore as a traveler you can always count on the Etihad Airways for superior world class facilities and comfort. The airline features innovative and state of the art flight features, opulent interiors, classic services on board and exemplifies luxury at par excellence. Enigmatic style, voguish flights, superior amenities on board have aptly made Etihad Airways  a luxury airline of Abu Dhabi Therefore to experience a top notch flight experience avail the services of this sumptuous airways.

Etihad – Striving Towards Perfection In The Air


Etihad | Image Resource :

Etihad Airways is the flag carrier and the second-biggest aircraft of the United Arab Emirates. Its head office is in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, close to the Abu Dhabi International Airport (OMAA – ICAO). Etihad was founded in early 2003 and started operations in November 2003.

The carrier works more than 1,000 flights for every week to more than 120 traveller and cargo destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas, with an armada of 122 Airbus and Boeing flying machine as of March 2016. In 2014, Etihad conveyed 14.8 million travelers, a 22.3% expansion from the earlier year, conveying incomes of US$7.6 billion and net benefits of US$73 million.

Etihad Airways is the third biggest carrier in the Middle East and it is the second biggest aircraft in the UAE, after the Dubai-based airline Emirates. Its primary operations base is Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Along with its central service of traveller transportation, Etihad additionally works Etihad Holidays and Etihad Cargo. Etihad built up its own particular carrier collusion, Etihad Airways Partners, in 2015, which incorporates Alitalia, Jet Airways, Air Berlin, Niki, Air Serbia, Air Seychelles and Etihad Regional.

Practically every member aircraft has a significant stake of the carrier claimed by Etihad. Reserving for these carriers is merged under one system. Except for Niki, Etihad Airways holds minority value interests in the taking an interest aircrafts alongside Virgin Australia which is not formally recorded as Etihad Airways Partners.

Etihad Airways Service Information

The airline, being a premium airline, provides their passengers with the best of services to make their travel a comfortable and pleasant experience. But this doesn’t mean that Etihad doesn’t give value for its fares. The Etihad airfares are one of the most reasonable pricing schemes in the aviation industry. The airline currently provides five different ticket classes to its passengers which are Economy Smart Seat, Business Studio, First Class Suite, First Class Apartment, and The Residence. As is suggested by the nomenclature, these classes ascend in service quality as well as airfare, but the service of each class is completely worthy of the fares charged.

Etihad meals

Etihad meals | Image Resource :

The on-board Services

Another great feature of Etihad is the meals they serve onboard. Etihad meals are known to be some of the finest among all airlines. Food includes various options such as the cuisine of the source country, Middle Eastern cuisine, and also continental dishes. The onboard meals are always freshly prepared and meet international hygiene standards.

The Fleet Size and Services

The airline also operates a massive fleet of 125 aircraft from Boeing and Airbus, and has 194 more aircraft on order from the same manufacturers. Some primary memebers of the Etihad fleet are the Airbus A320, Airbus A330, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-9, Boeing 787-9 and Boeing 787-10.

There are multiple ways to do Etihad reservations. You can reserve your tickets either online on Etihad’s website or via other third party online booking sites. For online booking you’ll have to provide all travel details and make an online payment. You can also choose to book through a travel agent in your locality.