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Best Delhi Markets For Fabulous Shopping: Truly An Amazing Destination!


Chandni Chowk | Image source:

Your penchant to click pictures of historical attractions will be satiated at New Delhi. New Delhi, a global city is the capital of the country sitting on the banks of the mighty River Yamuna. This mighty city abounds in historical monuments and forts and it was a capital city previously. The city was ruled by many dynasties and you can find their contributions to the city. New Delhi was ravaged and reborn for over 7 times in the past and you can find vestiges of erstwhile empire in the city.

Your New Delhi trip will delight you no end as you will come across monuments, forts, temples and parks. It is a city enjoying a good public transportation system and you will enjoy shopping in the city as it has great shopping avenues and malls. It is a happening city with a vibrant night life.

Some of the best Delhi markets for fabulous shopping are

Lajpat Nagar
You can shop here for textiles and it is a budget destination. The salwar lane in the market is popular for salwar materials and stitched ones. The market is frequented by locals and tourists alike and it is always crowded. You can board a metro to reach the market. You can bargain to get best prices for the items that you covet.

Sarojini Nagar
It is famous for branded clothes and you can grab them at dirt cheap prices. You may think that they are duplicates but they are factory rejects sold away at throw away prices. You should visit the market once to verify it for yourself. The best time to visit the market is during early morning hours on weekdays as it would not be crowded.

Chandni Chowk
Chandni Chowk market is in old Delhi and it has been functioning for over 300 years. It is always crowded and you can shop for textiles, silver jewellery, cameras, wholesale stationery items and lots more at this place. You can reach the place easily as it has a metro station near the market. The market is also home to some famous eateries. The market has bridal stores for brides where they can shop for their wedding dresses and accessories.

Khan Market
It is one of the classiest market in Delhi and it is a U shaped small market. Regulars frequent the place for books, textiles and Ayurvedic medicines. It is in south Delhi and famous for its tailor shops. The market is always crowded and you cannot bargain here.

Karol Bagh
It is popular for wedding shopping and it is a budget destination. The market has different streets earmarked for different categories. You can shop for electronic items in the Ghaffar market, Bank Street for traditional jewellery and for cheap readymade garments head to Ajmal Khan Road. Leather bags are popular here.

Night Life Of New Delhi


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1. ITC Sheraton, Chanakyapuri
It is considered as one of the favourites amongst youngsters since 90s and it is open from 10:30 PM. The USP of the place is loud foot tapping music and booze. Youngsters come here for the ambience and it is considered as a safe night club. The club at the hotel is known as Ghungroo. It is one of the best places to visit in New Delhi for partying at night.

2. Agni
It is a popular night club and it is frequented by celebrities and other dignitaries. The club starts at 8 in the evening and it is open till the wee hours. The ambience is good as it is located in the Park Hotel, Connaught Place. People come here for dancing and it has the widest collection of spirits.

3. Kitty Su
It is open from 8 PM to 1 AM. The food, drinks and the ambience exceed your expectations. It is an apt place for those who love dance. Three big rooms are marked and in each room a different music is played. This night club is one of the best and it is expensive.


The Gateway To Northeast India

guwahati tourism

Guwahati Tourism | Image Resource :

One of the famous places of North East India is Guwahati situated in the state of Assam. The city is fast developing due to its stress on tourism and the also due to the business and industrial influx. The city is also home many species of animals such as Rhinoceros, Pythons, Asian Elephants, Tigers, Gaurs and some endangered birds.

Get Treated Like Gods in Guwahati

There are several nicknames given to the city of Guwahati such as the Gateway to Northeast India, The City of Temples and the Light of the East. Guwahati tourism has come to the forefront and to accommodate the flow of tourists into the city, several hotels and lodges have cropped up.

The city treats the visitors and guests very well and the people are quite friendly. It is easy to reach Guwahati by air since there are as many as 110 flights on a daily basis. Jet Airways, Jet Lite, Indigo and GoAir are some of the airlines that provide flight services to the beautiful city of waterfalls and gardens.

You can book into any of the star hotels or the lodges that give you both luxury and comfort and also value for your money. Go in for a packaged tour if you feel that you need guidance while you are in the city. Kiranshree Portico, Hotel Nandan, Hotel Dynasty and Ginger are some of the hotels that you could book yourself into.

balaji temple

Balaji Temple | Image Resource :

The City of Temples

The above title is apt for the city since the city is surrounded by temples on all the sides. Kamakhya Temple, Umananda Temple, Ugro Tara Temple, Basistha Temple, Balaji Temple, Lankeshwar Temple, Shyam Mandir and Geeta Mandir are some of the temples that tourists could visit to feel peaceful and calm and also to take a look at the architectural beauty of the temples.

If these are not reasons enough, there and other places of attraction in the city such as Assam State Zoo, State Museum, Dipor Bill (wildlife sanctuary and lake), Srimanta Sankardev Kalakshetra (art and cultural museum), Nehru Park, Dreamland Amusement Park, Soonchali Picnic place and Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary

Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource :

Things to Do in Guwahati

Ambubachi Mela- If you are visiting Guwahati in the months of June-July, you can witness the famous Ambubachi Mela held in Kamakhya Temple. Apart from the worshipping of the idols, the fair held there offer a variety of cultural activities and shops from which you can buy innumerable items at budgeted rates.

Go on a cruise of river Brahmaputra and enjoy the scenic beauty and at the same time get a taste of the local cuisine while taking a ride in the local ferry.

Recreational facilities include swimming and golfing. Feel one with the nature and enjoy the time of your life while you indulge in your favourite sports.

If you visit Guwahati in the mid of April, you will be the lucky one to witness the Bohag Bihu festival, which is the mark of New Year of the people of Assam. You can witness the traditional dance and culture of the people of Guwahati and also taste the food there.


Things to Do in Dehradun: The City of Fun and Love!

Another gem lying 453 meter elevation on the ever-spectacular Himalayas is Dehradun. Mist obscured tall Oak and Pine trees, hills peeking form moving clouds, cobbled streets with tourists pedaling around this little town of unending treats to shutterbugs, Dehradun tourism will leave you mesmerized at every view.

Dehradun tourism | Image Resource:

Quick Tourism Facts:

The nearest airport:Jolly Grant, 24 km from Dehradun city.
Winter-December to February
Summer- March to June
Autumn -October to November
Rajpur Road to find best food

1. Sahastradhara:

Literally means “The Thousand Fold spring”. This place is a conglomerate of waterfalls, caves and steppe farming lands. The water here drips from the lime stone stalactites in the caves. Indulge in some rafting provided by the Dehradun tourism outlets there to appreciate the terrain better!

2. Tiger Falls:

At 1400 meters above sea level, Tiger falls are 50 meters high. Right at the foothills of Himalayas, the falls are nestled between dense forests. The fall forms a small pool, an ideal picnic spot for people who have arrived in a family to enrich your Dehradun tourism.

3. Robbers Cave/ Gucchupani:

It is a river cave for 600 meters long with Waterfalls as high as 10m in it. Specialty being, the stream disappears in the cave. It is said to be used by robbers during colonial times and thus the name! Boating is available at this point. Try it out!

Robbers Cave | Image Resource:

4. Tapovan:

Tapovan is an ashram located on the banks of Ganga and is surrounded by amazing meadows, Nandavan. The myth behind it says that Dronacharya performed his penance here. Trekking to the Tapovan ashram is the most sought after thing to do here. Dehradun tourism without some trekking is incomplete.

5. Mindrolling Monastery:

Established in 1965, the monastery serves as an institute to teach Buddhist learnings. A 60m high stupa and curations of murals, relics and statues of Buddha stand as highlights. The final showdown is the 35m gold statue of Buddha. The monks here entertain the guests with some insights into the Buddhist way of living, might just be one of the things to do to have a clear head!

6. Tapkeshawar Temple

Ancient Shiva temple built on the banks of river Nandi is located in a cave as water naturally drips on the lingam. Offer your prayers here when paying a visit.

Tapkeshawar Temple | Image Resource:

7. Rajaji National Park Falls

A massive spread of 820sqkm the reserve houses broadleaf forests and a plethora of fauna. The Asian elephant and the Royal Bengal Tiger are the highlights. Hire a safari to enjoy the beauty the park has to offer.

8. The Forest Research Institute

Premier institute for Forestry service was established in 1906 by the British. It contains 6 museums for pathology, social forestry, silviculture, timber, non-wood products and entomology. Invest a solid morning in these museums.

9. Asan Barrage

Located at the Dhalipur Lake, the Asan Barrage offers an array of water sports like boating, canoeing, kayaking and is also home for many migratory birds. Kick your adrenaline with the water activities or indulge in some bird observation.

An Excellent Shopping Spree In Vadodara

The exhausting schedules of workplaces today, and also our daily life, can leave the best of us exhausted, and in need of some rest and relaxation. Thus, we all wish for a chance to take some rest and loosen ourselves up. One of the bests way to take a foot back from the pressures of today and unwind ourselves is to plan a vacation to a nice location. This can help us relax ourselves, both mentally and physically, which is important in keeping us in top form.

Tourism In Vadodara

The city of Vadodara is becoming known as a great tourist destination these days, and the previously underrated tourist attractions here are now on the radar of tourists. There are many attractive places all over Vadodara that tourists can visit and enjoy at. Vadodara and the many places around have a lot of scenic and also fun tourist places, and thus Vadodara is an excellent choice for a holiday trip destination.


                              Karnavati Express | Image Source:

Mainly a town of business and commerce, Vadodara is carving a niche for itself in tourism as well, with a large number of tourists coming to Vadodara every year. Vadodara is also a great for a shopping spree, with many expansive malls as well as local markets available for visiting. Also, a lot of amazing restaurants in Vadodara can be tried, to taste the famous dishes of the cuisine of Gujarat. One can also try the popular street food of the city

Vadodara is an important economic centre in Gujarat, and making a name for itself as a tourist destination as well. Thus, there are a lot of trains connecting Vadodara to many other cities across the country. The vast network of the Indian Railways has many trains going through Vadodara all day, from all across the country. The Karnavati Express is one of the major trains passing through the railway station here. Thus, Vadodara is very accessible and easy to reach by train.

Exploring The Shopping Scene In Vadodara

There are a lot of places in Vadodara where tourists can enjoy shopping. Some of the best places that tourists can visit for shopping are:

Centre Square Mall

This poplar and huge mall is one of Vadodara’s best malls, and it is also where many people like to hangout. The Centre Square Mall has the showrooms of many big brands, as well as its own shopping areas. From apparel to toys to household supplies, one can find a lot of stuff here. It is one of the best places for shopping in Vadodara, and should certainly be visited by tourists in the city.

Khanderao Market


                                      Khanderao Market | Image source:

The Khanderao market is one of the most well-known landmarks in the city. This large market is located in an old palace which was constructed over 200 years ago, and it is one of best places in the city for shopping.

There are many more places in Vadodara where one can do some great shopping, and tourists should certainly visit these places.

7 Things To Do In Delhi During A Cultural Visit

things to do in Delhi

things to do in Delhi | Image Resource :

Delhi is well known as ‘The City of Djinns’. The city has been rebuilt seven times in its recorded history and provides travelers with innumerable options for sightseeing. The forts, temples, tombs and palaces in India’s capital make it a remarkable synthesis of tradition and modernity. This is the major reason why Delhi invokes the admiration of culture aficionados from around the world. If you are planning for a trip to northern India, then Delhi would be the first place to begin with. Here are a number of things to do in Delhi while coming for a cultural visit: –

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple | Image Resource :

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple | Image Resource :

Visit the Lotus Temple

One of the most popular tourist sites in Delhi, the Lotus Temple has been built in the shape of a lotus flower, which is considered sacred in Indian culture. Its 27 flower petals are made from marble. A sacred place for Bahá’ís, it is open to people from all religions. Situated in the middle of manicured gardens, you will enjoy the tranquil atmosphere here.

Hauz Khas Complex

Hauz Khas Complex | Image Resource :

Hauz Khas Complex

Hauz Khas Complex holds a special place in the hearts of history lovers. Originally known as Hauz-e-Alai, some of the popular artefacts here include a mosque, a number of tombs and a water tank which served as an important water source in medieval times.

Built in the early part of 14th century, the tank was used for water storage especially during the summer season. Hauz Khas Village, located at the entrance of the area is home to some of the best cafes, restaurants and boutique stores of south Delhi.

Lodi Gardens

Lodi Gardens | Image Resource :

Lodi Gardens

Lodi Gardens | Image Resource :

Marvel the beauty of Lodi Gardens

Lodi Gardens resembles the structure of Hauz Khas Complex but holds greater charm among visitors. It is a public park which is home to many Mughal tombs and monuments. A popular attraction among artists, it is also frequented by people for picnics. Built 500 years ago, it’s one of the top tourist attractions that you should include in your things to do in Delhi list.

India Gate

India Gate | Image Resource :

India Gate

Built in 1931 in the memory of Indian soldiers who attained martyrdom, the India Gate is 42 meters tall. A continuously burning flame under the gate is a tribute to honor soldiers who died fighting for the nation.

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar | Image Resource :

Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar | Image Resource :

Qutub Minar

A major landmark of Delhi, the Qutub Minar is a 72.5-meter tall minaret which looks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa from a distance. Made of red sandstone, the tower has intricate carvings and inscriptions on it. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Qutub Minar is one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture.

Humayun's Tomb

Humayun’s Tomb | Image Resource :

Humayun’s Tomb

A fine example of Persian architecture, the tomb is the resting place of the Mughal emperor Humayun. You can also come across the graves of some other Mughal emperors here. Surrounded by gardens, the building is surrounded by a number of marble stones.

Tomb of Safdarjung

Tomb of Safdarjung | Image Resource :

Tomb of Safdarjung

Built in 1754, the tomb is a mausoleum of Safdarjung, a notable noble of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah. Surrounded by Mughal gardens, it is similar in structure to Humayun’s Tomb.

Visit Bollywood Film Sets And Meet Your Favourite Superstars : Things To Do In Mumbai!

Mumbai is a fantastic city, a typical urban definitive – home  to a number of corporate giants and Businesses, a vacationer’s paradise and the nursery of movie stars. It is one of the most famous cities in the world and has remained an important centre of art and commerce. The port is a distinguishing factor, which allows for trade and added connectivity to the west, through seaways.

Mumbai Tourism
Mumbai Tourism | Image Resource :

There are numerous things to do in Mumbai and one needs to meticulously plan in order to cover all the famous and revered locations. Preferably, a week’s vacation would be perfect, in order to experience the city, in its complete audacity. The Marathi population is very friendly and it is quite easy to mingle with the locals.


Places In Mumbai
Places In Mumbai | Image Resource :

Party Your Way Through The Night – Best Things To Do In Mumbai

The Mumbai city has it all covered, when it comes to tourism. It has everything  for everyone, quite literally. The coast offers one of the finest views of sunrise and sunset, and a brilliant place to relax in, while the  commercial plazas are something to look forward to, for any shopoholic.

Shopping Mall And Plazza's In Mumbai
Shopping Mall And Plazza’s In Mumbai | Image Resource :

Talking about shopping, the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal, Red Fort Area, is quite famous for the trinkets and junk jewellery for very cheap prices.The null Bazaar, Zaveri Bazaar, Crawford Market and Babulnath, etc., are a few must visit places around the area. The chats are something to die for, in the locality. The vada pavs, Pav Bhajji, Gol Gupas, etc., are delicious and will make any evening a special one for the tourists.

The Crawford Market deserves a special mention too, for the interested shoppers. The hustle and bustle of the market is well, quite legendary and the Romanesque, ancient architecture just highlights the exuberance of the place further.

Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal
Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal Road In Mumbai | Image Resource :

One can also engage themselves in the game of bubble football or body zorbing, in which a person stays inside a big bubble and  can only commute by moving the bubble by his body. The llast maan standing wins the game. It is quite entertaining as well as one of those interesting things to do in Mumbai for a nominal cost.

Malls, , The Exquisite Hotels, Wankhade Stadium– Best Things To do In Mumbai

As already mentioned, the city of Mumbai is blessed with the presence of Arabian Sea on its west and therefore water activities flourish in this place. The Yatching experience, in the hangover cruise, in the port town of Colaba is a truly enriching experience.