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Land Of Surprises: Make A Journey And Witness The UNESCO World Heritage Site In India!

You will always experience a thrill when you visit India, as it is the largest democracy in the world. It is a multi-cultural, multi religious and multi ethnic country and it always holds surprises for you. It is a country with rich culture and traditions and marching towards becoming one of the super powers on Earth. It is the seventh largest country in the world and home to over a billion people.

When you take out a journey to India you can visit man made attractions and the other natural attractions are hill stations, beach destinations, back waters, and of course the unpolluted rural India. You wouldn’t have visited a country with such variety. If you delve deep you will never understand what exactly the country is and just go along with the flow. It has a great culinary tradition and it differs from state to state. So expect the unexpected at this land of great civilization.

UNESCO Certified Sites Of India

This rich country proudly boasts of 35 heritage sites which are UNESCO certified. If you visit this country you will be confused by the choice it provides and just make out a list of what you should visit and after all the visits you will surely come back again to make future trips. It is inspirational, awe inspiring and one visit will leave you speechless.

Hill Forts Of Rajasthan | Image Resource :

Hill Forts Of Rajasthan
These are located on the Aravalli mountain range and the fortifications of these forts are strong. It is famous for its Rajput Military defence architecture. A mini city with markets, temples, urban and trading centres existed in this fort.

Buddhist Monuments At Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh
This oldest stone structure in India was built by Emperor Ashoka in 3rd century BC and it is 46 kms from Bhopal. The core of the building is a hemispherical brick structure.

Towering Chola Temples
The Brihadisvara Temple, Gangaikonda Chola Puram and Airavateshwara temple. Brihadisvara temple is a milestone of Chola architecture. It reflects an ancient culture and heritage of Tamil culture.

Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh
It is the place where earliest traces of human life on Indian subcontinent was discovered. It is more than 1, 00,000 years old and it indicates the beginning of South Asian Stone Age.

Ajanta Caves | Image Resource :

Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra
It dates back to around 2nd century BC and it consists of 31 rock cut Buddhist caves, monuments, paintings and sculpture. It marks the beginning of Indian classical art.

Nanda Devi And valley Of Flowers National Park, Uttrakhand
It is famous for a large spread of flowers and it covers the entire valley like a bed sheet.

Red Fort, New Delhi
It is in New Delhi and it is a perfect example of Mughal architecture. It is made of red sand stone and it has smaller buildings in it.

Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha
It is in the shape of a gigantic chariot with carved wheels and it is led by 6 carved horses. It reflects the grandeur of Kalinga Style architecture.

Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary
It is in the flood plains of Brahmaputra and it has the largest population of the Indian one horned rhinos.

Sundarbans National Park | Image Resource :

Sundarbans National Park
It is the largest mangrove forests in the world and it is the largest reserves for Bengal Tiger.

With many, many visits you will get a feel of India and each visit will not satisfy you and you will yearn for more. UNESCO world heritage site in India are many.


Get the Best Domestic Flight Rates with Delhi to Mumbai Flights

It is the basic nature of human beings that they really love the idea of travelling. Traveling is something that can give them a peace of mind. But then a person should understand that the traveling can be due to various purposes.

The various purposes may include the business trips or the very leisure trips. No matter what the scenario is, people mostly love to avoid the idea of travelling by flights. Though there are various advantages of travelling in flight, yet people seem to avoid this particular idea because the flight can really be a very costly affair that they may not be able to handle.

flight travel

Flight Travel | Image Resource :

Especially when travelling between cities at short distances then they totally do not prefer or even consider the concept of flights.

Travelling Between Delhi to Mumbai:

If a person wants they can actually make sure of the fact, but when it comes to travelling between Delhi to Mumbai, then they can easily take the very Delhi to Mumbai flights. There are many advantages to this very thing. Though mostly a person generally prefers a different mode of travel, yet they should understand that they can get hold of Delhi to Mumbai cheap flights easily.

All they need to do is ensure that they do have access to the internet. If they have that, they can obviously get through the best possible websites and the applications that help them in booking flight tickets easily.

These particular websites and applications make sure that they do provide with a lot of discounts then considering the Delhi to Mumbai flights price.

The Various Other Advantages:


Delhi to Mumbai flights | Image Resource :

As already mentioned the distance between these two cities is not much. Yet, a person would generally get the best experience out of the travel if they decide to board Delhi to Mumbai flights. There are many advantages that they can come across when it comes to travelling with the airlines:

The Most Comfortable Journey: The Delhi to Mumbai flights ensure of the very fact that a person can actually get hold of the best possible journey experience ever. It is simply because of the fact that travelling does not take much time when it comes to boarding of a flight instead of any other travel mode.

Excellent Personalized Services: This is considerably one of the best features a person can actually come across when it comes to the very concept of travelling on the flights. The various Delhi to Mumbai flights services are really the most important things that a person can experience in the very short trip.

Get A View Two Best Airports: Yes, the Delhi and the Mumbai Airports both are equally magnificent by nature. People can be much assured of the fact having a view of these two best airports can actually provide them with the best possible travel experience all over.

All these points can actually encourage a person to get hold of those Delhi to Mumbai flight tickets as immediately as they can.

Save Lot By Booking Cheapest Air Tickets To Have A Satisfactory Travel Experience

Exploring the globe has never been much pleasure for vacationers. Exotic locations, excellent amenities, innumerable airways, and the updated infrastructural service around the globe have transformed the globe of tours and traveling. Moreover, with huge discounts and inexpensive flight tickets travelers are obtaining the greatest of their budget.

flight tickets

Flight Tickets | Image Resource :

Almost all the airways offer special vacation packages, often flyer programs, discounts, and many more. Travel sites and travel operators and other sites are also in strike to please clients. Though you might not obtain discounts on international flight tickets, getting online air tickets has become almost easier.

Cheapest Airline Tickets – consider some factors

Travel operators, travel websites, airline consolidators and airways are luring visitors from all across the globe. With the whole travel management buzzing, people are looking for tripping easy on their wallets. But one needs to be cautious whilst finding for cheapest air tickets. You might end up rewarding more than the real price of air tickets due to the hidden expenses.

cheapest air tickets

Cheapest Air Tickets | Image Resource :

You should know that there are many factors for obtaining bargain on flight tickets. You cannot depend on each offer of huge discount as they might be all incorrect. One fact that you should be clear on your head is that international air tickets costs are managed by IATA, so lesser discounts are provided on international carrier tickets.

More information: selection and cheapest air tickets fare

If you desire to save a lot on your air tickets, then you have to be very flexi with your travel dates. Many of the online tourist portals have the choice to know flight tickets rates for several dates. So it’s beneficial to look for flexible travel dates.

A few seconds of exploring might save you around some hundred bucks. Another factor is you need to understand which days of the week can bring you cheap deals.

For instance, booking on Tuesday can be lighter on wallet than booking on weekends or Sundays. Another point is that you want to find for the special packages offered by tourist sites. Hence, be ready to pick anytime at travel site. Some tourist groups provide some outstanding hotel and travel packages. These are truly best in terms of budget. Web portals provide such deals as these can be gathered at fewer prices and the management can create two settlements in a single go.

There is another important factor that you need to regard with respect to inexpensive flight tickets. You can get tickets from flight carrier service. They provide cheap domestic air tickets as they buy baggage slot in lieu of inexpensive flight tickets. If you’re a seasoned visitor, joining an often flyer program is a best manner to save budget on cheap air tickets fare.

Online Cheapest Air Tickets Booking

The best part of online booking is that you will be able to make very fast and simple as well. With the help of online sites you will be able to get cheapest airline tickets, during off season as they’re much inexpensive at that span.

Another point is that one should go for round-trip air tickets rather that one path air ticket as these are more affordable. Preparing your trip in advance aids in determine return travel dates. So think and plan your tour ahead.

Visit Bollywood Film Sets And Meet Your Favourite Superstars : Things To Do In Mumbai!

Mumbai is a fantastic city, a typical urban definitive – home  to a number of corporate giants and Businesses, a vacationer’s paradise and the nursery of movie stars. It is one of the most famous cities in the world and has remained an important centre of art and commerce. The port is a distinguishing factor, which allows for trade and added connectivity to the west, through seaways.

Mumbai Tourism
Mumbai Tourism | Image Resource :

There are numerous things to do in Mumbai and one needs to meticulously plan in order to cover all the famous and revered locations. Preferably, a week’s vacation would be perfect, in order to experience the city, in its complete audacity. The Marathi population is very friendly and it is quite easy to mingle with the locals.


Places In Mumbai
Places In Mumbai | Image Resource :

Party Your Way Through The Night – Best Things To Do In Mumbai

The Mumbai city has it all covered, when it comes to tourism. It has everything  for everyone, quite literally. The coast offers one of the finest views of sunrise and sunset, and a brilliant place to relax in, while the  commercial plazas are something to look forward to, for any shopoholic.

Shopping Mall And Plazza's In Mumbai
Shopping Mall And Plazza’s In Mumbai | Image Resource :

Talking about shopping, the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal, Red Fort Area, is quite famous for the trinkets and junk jewellery for very cheap prices.The null Bazaar, Zaveri Bazaar, Crawford Market and Babulnath, etc., are a few must visit places around the area. The chats are something to die for, in the locality. The vada pavs, Pav Bhajji, Gol Gupas, etc., are delicious and will make any evening a special one for the tourists.

The Crawford Market deserves a special mention too, for the interested shoppers. The hustle and bustle of the market is well, quite legendary and the Romanesque, ancient architecture just highlights the exuberance of the place further.

Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal
Chattrapati Shivaji Terminal Road In Mumbai | Image Resource :

One can also engage themselves in the game of bubble football or body zorbing, in which a person stays inside a big bubble and  can only commute by moving the bubble by his body. The llast maan standing wins the game. It is quite entertaining as well as one of those interesting things to do in Mumbai for a nominal cost.

Malls, , The Exquisite Hotels, Wankhade Stadium– Best Things To do In Mumbai

As already mentioned, the city of Mumbai is blessed with the presence of Arabian Sea on its west and therefore water activities flourish in this place. The Yatching experience, in the hangover cruise, in the port town of Colaba is a truly enriching experience.