Things to Do in Dehradun: The City of Fun and Love!

Another gem lying 453 meter elevation on the ever-spectacular Himalayas is Dehradun. Mist obscured tall Oak and Pine trees, hills peeking form moving clouds, cobbled streets with tourists pedaling around this little town of unending treats to shutterbugs, Dehradun tourism will leave you mesmerized at every view.

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Quick Tourism Facts:

The nearest airport:Jolly Grant, 24 km from Dehradun city.
Winter-December to February
Summer- March to June
Autumn -October to November
Rajpur Road to find best food

1. Sahastradhara:

Literally means “The Thousand Fold spring”. This place is a conglomerate of waterfalls, caves and steppe farming lands. The water here drips from the lime stone stalactites in the caves. Indulge in some rafting provided by the Dehradun tourism outlets there to appreciate the terrain better!

2. Tiger Falls:

At 1400 meters above sea level, Tiger falls are 50 meters high. Right at the foothills of Himalayas, the falls are nestled between dense forests. The fall forms a small pool, an ideal picnic spot for people who have arrived in a family to enrich your Dehradun tourism.

3. Robbers Cave/ Gucchupani:

It is a river cave for 600 meters long with Waterfalls as high as 10m in it. Specialty being, the stream disappears in the cave. It is said to be used by robbers during colonial times and thus the name! Boating is available at this point. Try it out!

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4. Tapovan:

Tapovan is an ashram located on the banks of Ganga and is surrounded by amazing meadows, Nandavan. The myth behind it says that Dronacharya performed his penance here. Trekking to the Tapovan ashram is the most sought after thing to do here. Dehradun tourism without some trekking is incomplete.

5. Mindrolling Monastery:

Established in 1965, the monastery serves as an institute to teach Buddhist learnings. A 60m high stupa and curations of murals, relics and statues of Buddha stand as highlights. The final showdown is the 35m gold statue of Buddha. The monks here entertain the guests with some insights into the Buddhist way of living, might just be one of the things to do to have a clear head!

6. Tapkeshawar Temple

Ancient Shiva temple built on the banks of river Nandi is located in a cave as water naturally drips on the lingam. Offer your prayers here when paying a visit.

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7. Rajaji National Park Falls

A massive spread of 820sqkm the reserve houses broadleaf forests and a plethora of fauna. The Asian elephant and the Royal Bengal Tiger are the highlights. Hire a safari to enjoy the beauty the park has to offer.

8. The Forest Research Institute

Premier institute for Forestry service was established in 1906 by the British. It contains 6 museums for pathology, social forestry, silviculture, timber, non-wood products and entomology. Invest a solid morning in these museums.

9. Asan Barrage

Located at the Dhalipur Lake, the Asan Barrage offers an array of water sports like boating, canoeing, kayaking and is also home for many migratory birds. Kick your adrenaline with the water activities or indulge in some bird observation.

Goa Cruise Booking- Refresh And Rejuvenate Your Mind And Soul


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Goa is well known as beach capital of the country. It’s indeed a fantastic seaside destination and makes your vacation a pleasant one. A trip to Goa can bring in the spark within you. If you are planning to have beach vacation with your family and friends, there is no other better place than Goa.

Goa is a magnificent honeymoon location. Spending a lazy day on Goa beach with your date can be truly romantic. There are nearly 40 beaches in Goa with a long coastal tail. You can have some lifetime memorable experience. Goa beaches are indeed exciting place if you love to drench in sand, sea and sun.

Some of the popular beaches you need to check out in Goa are – Baga Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Candolim Beach, Calangute Beach and Anjuna Beach. Every beach of Goa has its own unique personality and offers heart rendering view of the place.

Anjuna Beach

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Goa cruise booking- A finest way to enjoy life

Goa, being a famed tropical paradise of the country is one amongst the best location for cruising. This marvelous tiny state offers both river cruise as well as sea cruise. Be it sea cruise or river cruise, ensure to make Goa cruise booking beforehand so that you won’t miss Goa cruise at any scenario.

  • Sea cruise

Besides, its artificial and exotic natural treasures, Goa is pretty famous for sea cruising as well since its shares the border with huge Arabian Sea. Sea cruising in Goa is famous among locals as well as international vacationers as they provide royal and luxurious treatments. A number of sea cruises begin from Mumbai and halts either at Goa or Kochi.

Goa cruise booking

Goa Cruise Booking

The famous sea cruise of Goa is Super Star Libra. Indeed, it’s a luxurious one with well equipped restaurant, sports, massage parlor, bars, fitness centers and discotheque. This sea cruise is available in three types- Ocean View Room suites, Executive Suites and Junior Suites. The cost of sea cruising varies from INR 1000 to INR 2500 approximately, based on cruise type you choose.

  • River cruise

River cruise in Goa is organized on Mandovi River. Indulging hands with some of the private tour operator, the Tourism development of Goa conducts some enthralling river cruises as well. A river cruise on Mandovi River is a best alternative to alluring sunset from beach side. This is experienced by majority of the Indian tourists. The cruise starts daily from Santa Monica at 06:00 Pm and the next one at 07:15. The cost includes snacks, drinks. Live Hindi cover band, Konkani dance and Portuguese dance. You need to pay only 600 INR per head and you can have a blasting time for sure.

There are three types of river cruises available in Goa like sunset; moon light and day time in Goa. Some of the other exciting cruises in Goa are Sun down Cruise, Sun Set Cruise, Special Cruise and Full Moon Cruise. The cost of full moon cruise is approximately about INR 150 per hand for duration of one hour. Plan well and enjoy more!

Here Is How You Can Enjoy With Family At Mauritius

Things To Do In Mauritius

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Mauritius is a very pretty little island which paradises in the India Ocean. This place has stunning coastlines, wonderful beaches and many other surprises in store for its tourists. The specialty of Mauritius is that it has ample of things for the tourists to do with their family to enjoy their vacation at the fullest. Here is the list of the best and top 10 Things To Do In Mauritius with your family:

Try the street food: Indian, African and Chinese street food rules the street food stalls. Must try dishes are the Indian Dal and chana puris, mazavaroo paste which serves as the best dip for literally everything, Creole seafood curries and fresh fruit served on shaved and sweetened ice.

Go on long drives: Mauritius is a little mysterious and mischievous. It has numerous gorgeous villages, mouth-watering restaurants and beautiful beaches, which are hidden and can be explored via car.

Try the specialty teas: Even if you are not a tea lover, you must visit the tea plantations here to refresh your senses. Bois Cheri Tea Plantation is a must visit, the scenery of this tea plantation is breath-taking. You can try out the 12 varities of refreshing teas which are served with their signature biscuits.

Visit the Chamarel Village: This village is popular for its unmatchable aesthetics. You must carry your camera to this village to capture the gorgeous views over here. You can also book a room in the hotel for a longer stay in this amazing village.

Chamarel Village

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Explore the splendid coastline: Visiting Mauritius and not exploring the splendid coastline is just impossible. This is the most amazing thing to do in Mauritius, and this is what the island is so famous for. Go to the beaches, get indulged in the water sports and activities go for scuba diving and much more. This alone will give you much talked about Mauritius feel.

Try the best beverages on the island: This Island is going to serve you with the best alcohol nectar. Flavored rum is most popular of all and the best place to have beverages on the island is Rhumerie de Chamarel.

Take the undersea walk: Experience the amazing flora and fauna of the Indian Ocean, by having the lifetime experience of the undersea walk which is very safe, beautiful and astonishing.

Explore the cultural potpourri: This would lead you to explore the various wonderful Temples, Mosques and Churches where you will find English, Creole, Hindi and French speaking people. And must try the enthusiastic and flamboyant Sega dance.

Go for hiking on the nature trails: Visit the Black River Gorges National Park, which is Mauritius’s largest and most beautiful nature reserve, with over 300 species of flora and fauna and also try your hand at hiking here.

Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges National Park | Image Resource :

Explore the crocodile park: Crocodile being the centre of attraction, this park also has huge bats and tortoises, mongooses, varied monkeys and a massive collection of butterflies and other insects. Kids and adults can joyously experience the varied fauna in an absolute safe manner.  

The Spicy Food of the Temple City of Tirupati

Tirupati is a temple city which is located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is known for the temples and its significance to the Hindu population. The city is located in the Chitoor district of the state. The city is visited by millions of followers and pilgrims every month. There are many good hotels and resorts which are located here for the tourists and travellers from all parts of the world.

Flights From Hyderabad To Tirupati

Flights From Hyderabad To Tirupati | Image Resource :

Flights Available from Hyderabad

The city of Tirupati is well connected with an airport and has direct flights from different parts of the nation. There are many domestic flights which have connected the city with other parts of the country. You can book Flights From Hyderabad To Tirupati easily online. As many as 40 direct flights are available in this sector for the passengers. Airlines such as Spice Jet, Air India, and Air Costa operate the different airlines in this sector.

To get the best offers and deals you can book your tickets at least 30 to 45 days in advance of your journey. Many online services and facilities have started by the airlines which include

  • Online check in
  • Online ticket booking
  • Online flight schedule
  • Online flight status

Tirupati being a city full of temples has many vegetarian restaurants all over the city. You can find and eat some of the best cuisines and delicacies here in the region. You can find here several canteens which are run by the different trusts which sell food packets available at a much subsidised price. Apart from these trust run canteens in the city you can also find many restaurants in Tirupati which are known for its world class food.


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Enjoy South Indian Delicacies at these Places

One of the places where you can enjoy the food in the city includes Nitya Anna Dana Hall which is a temple hotel located at a distance of just 1 km from the place of worship. The food which is made available here is basic and is full of vegetable dishes, rice, chutney and sambhar, rasam along with high quality butter milk. Almost 25000 pilgrims eat here every day. The food is served on banana leaves or stainless steel plates.

Another popular destination where you can relish the food of the region in Tirupati is Balaji Woodlands which is known for its cleanliness and has very good options of eating South Indian tiffin meals. The hotel is located very near to the bazaar. If you want to taste the amazing spicy snacks of the region then this is definitely the place to explore. The food here is very tasty and reasonably priced.

You can also visit the Woodside Restaurant in the city which is known for its delicious meals served here. The prices of the meals available are very reasonable and affordable. You can taste some of the finest South Indian snacks for lunch and dinner. There are variety of cuisines which include delicacies other than South Indian like North Indian dishes, Mughlai and Chinese which are served here at the restaurant.

Explore the Cultural and Scenic Beauty of Kochi

Located in the South Western state of India, i.e. Kerala, Kochi also popularly known as Cochin is one of the most highly rated tourist destinations for nature lovers as well as leisure tourists seeking a break from their everyday schedule and hustle bustle of the urban lifestyle. The city is an ancient port city operational since 1341 when it was used for trade with Chinese, European and Arab merchants. Apart from the beautiful places for sightseeing the city also flaunts its rich colonial culture and Portuguese influence.

There is a high demand for travel and accommodation in Kochi and hence it is recommended that you make your hotel bookings at least 28 days in advance so as to avoid any last minute hassles. There are a host of budget hotels as well as luxurious five star and four star hotel in cochin that can be booked in advance via any of the leading travel websites that too from the comfort of your office or home. Some of the most popular accommodation alternatives in the city include:

Hotel in cochin | Image Resource:

Hotel Olive Regency
Angel Garden Beach Homestay
Malayattoor Residency
Signature Crest Lake View Villa
Cochin City Residency
OYO Rooms Fort Kochi Bus Stand etc.

Places to Explore At Night

If you prefer exploring the less frequented and unique places in Kochi after the sun sets down the horizon here is some info that might come in handy while planning your trip to this alluring seaside town. Nature lovers as well as solitude seekers must visit these places in and around Cochin to collect never before memories of the surreal natural beauty of these places as well as bask in their cultural richness.

Vypeen Island Zone

One of the must visit attractions in Kochi which you can visit at night as well as in the day time is the Vypeen Island Zone. This place is one of the most picturesque and scenic attractions located around 35 kilometres from the city centre where the heavenly VembanandLake merges with the vast and pacifying Arabian Sea.

This mesmerising island is easily accessible from another iconic attraction i.e. the Fort Kochi as well as with the mainland Ernakulam via jetty services and bridges respectively. Enjoy the marine journey from Fort Kochi to this place and then vice versa.

Fort Kochi

If you are interested in exploring the intermingling of cultures and rich architectural influences in Kochi do visit the iconic Fort Cochin which is located to the North Wast of the Mattancherry Palace in Kochi. You can notice the mesmerising architecture of the houses and other buildings here which show significant European influences. There are rich traders belonging to the British era who reside in this area and hence the Dutch cottages are a beautiful specimen of the intermingling of cultures. Do visit the Mattancherry Palace, the Saint Francis Church as well as the Chinese Fishing Nets while you are in Fort Kochi.

Chinese Fishing Nets

These unique Chinese Fishing Nets are reminiscent of the strong relations of the Chinese Emperors with the rulers of Cochin. Except for China these fishing nets are exclusively available in this city.

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Land Of Surprises: Make A Journey And Witness The UNESCO World Heritage Site In India!

You will always experience a thrill when you visit India, as it is the largest democracy in the world. It is a multi-cultural, multi religious and multi ethnic country and it always holds surprises for you. It is a country with rich culture and traditions and marching towards becoming one of the super powers on Earth. It is the seventh largest country in the world and home to over a billion people.

When you take out a journey to India you can visit man made attractions and the other natural attractions are hill stations, beach destinations, back waters, and of course the unpolluted rural India. You wouldn’t have visited a country with such variety. If you delve deep you will never understand what exactly the country is and just go along with the flow. It has a great culinary tradition and it differs from state to state. So expect the unexpected at this land of great civilization.

UNESCO Certified Sites Of India

This rich country proudly boasts of 35 heritage sites which are UNESCO certified. If you visit this country you will be confused by the choice it provides and just make out a list of what you should visit and after all the visits you will surely come back again to make future trips. It is inspirational, awe inspiring and one visit will leave you speechless.

Hill Forts Of Rajasthan | Image Resource :

Hill Forts Of Rajasthan
These are located on the Aravalli mountain range and the fortifications of these forts are strong. It is famous for its Rajput Military defence architecture. A mini city with markets, temples, urban and trading centres existed in this fort.

Buddhist Monuments At Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh
This oldest stone structure in India was built by Emperor Ashoka in 3rd century BC and it is 46 kms from Bhopal. The core of the building is a hemispherical brick structure.

Towering Chola Temples
The Brihadisvara Temple, Gangaikonda Chola Puram and Airavateshwara temple. Brihadisvara temple is a milestone of Chola architecture. It reflects an ancient culture and heritage of Tamil culture.

Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh
It is the place where earliest traces of human life on Indian subcontinent was discovered. It is more than 1, 00,000 years old and it indicates the beginning of South Asian Stone Age.

Ajanta Caves | Image Resource :

Ajanta Caves, Maharashtra
It dates back to around 2nd century BC and it consists of 31 rock cut Buddhist caves, monuments, paintings and sculpture. It marks the beginning of Indian classical art.

Nanda Devi And valley Of Flowers National Park, Uttrakhand
It is famous for a large spread of flowers and it covers the entire valley like a bed sheet.

Red Fort, New Delhi
It is in New Delhi and it is a perfect example of Mughal architecture. It is made of red sand stone and it has smaller buildings in it.

Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha
It is in the shape of a gigantic chariot with carved wheels and it is led by 6 carved horses. It reflects the grandeur of Kalinga Style architecture.

Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary
It is in the flood plains of Brahmaputra and it has the largest population of the Indian one horned rhinos.

Sundarbans National Park | Image Resource :

Sundarbans National Park
It is the largest mangrove forests in the world and it is the largest reserves for Bengal Tiger.

With many, many visits you will get a feel of India and each visit will not satisfy you and you will yearn for more. UNESCO world heritage site in India are many.

An Excellent Shopping Spree In Vadodara

The exhausting schedules of workplaces today, and also our daily life, can leave the best of us exhausted, and in need of some rest and relaxation. Thus, we all wish for a chance to take some rest and loosen ourselves up. One of the bests way to take a foot back from the pressures of today and unwind ourselves is to plan a vacation to a nice location. This can help us relax ourselves, both mentally and physically, which is important in keeping us in top form.

Tourism In Vadodara

The city of Vadodara is becoming known as a great tourist destination these days, and the previously underrated tourist attractions here are now on the radar of tourists. There are many attractive places all over Vadodara that tourists can visit and enjoy at. Vadodara and the many places around have a lot of scenic and also fun tourist places, and thus Vadodara is an excellent choice for a holiday trip destination.


                              Karnavati Express | Image Source:

Mainly a town of business and commerce, Vadodara is carving a niche for itself in tourism as well, with a large number of tourists coming to Vadodara every year. Vadodara is also a great for a shopping spree, with many expansive malls as well as local markets available for visiting. Also, a lot of amazing restaurants in Vadodara can be tried, to taste the famous dishes of the cuisine of Gujarat. One can also try the popular street food of the city

Vadodara is an important economic centre in Gujarat, and making a name for itself as a tourist destination as well. Thus, there are a lot of trains connecting Vadodara to many other cities across the country. The vast network of the Indian Railways has many trains going through Vadodara all day, from all across the country. The Karnavati Express is one of the major trains passing through the railway station here. Thus, Vadodara is very accessible and easy to reach by train.

Exploring The Shopping Scene In Vadodara

There are a lot of places in Vadodara where tourists can enjoy shopping. Some of the best places that tourists can visit for shopping are:

Centre Square Mall

This poplar and huge mall is one of Vadodara’s best malls, and it is also where many people like to hangout. The Centre Square Mall has the showrooms of many big brands, as well as its own shopping areas. From apparel to toys to household supplies, one can find a lot of stuff here. It is one of the best places for shopping in Vadodara, and should certainly be visited by tourists in the city.

Khanderao Market


                                      Khanderao Market | Image source:

The Khanderao market is one of the most well-known landmarks in the city. This large market is located in an old palace which was constructed over 200 years ago, and it is one of best places in the city for shopping.

There are many more places in Vadodara where one can do some great shopping, and tourists should certainly visit these places.