Flight By British Airways Made My Trip More Enjoyable

Last summer, I decided to enjoy my vacation through a pleasure trip to New York, which is 1149 Km away from Chicago, the US city where I am staying currently. I have great interest for seeing the famous places and New York is known to house quite such places, where the visitors can be acquainted with the historical facts and features. So I looked on the internet and booked my air ticket and hotel accommodation, to make my trip comfortable.

New York
New York | Image Resource: francis-sigrist.org

I chose to stay in a 2 Star hotel of New York, named Villa 121 Guest House that is conveniently located very close to most of the tourist attractions of this city and well connected to all other parts through the 125th Street underground station, which is only 5 minutes walking distance from this hotel. The room was decorated with bright colored upholsteries and comfortable wooden furniture, even in its separate sitting area. The air-conditioned room had a satellite TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, iron and hair dryer. The attached bathroom had all the necessary toiletries and bath robe.

Comfortable in-flight services provided by British Airways

British Airways
British Airways | Image Resource: britishairways.com

My air ticket was booked in the Economy Class of British Airways, a popular and reliable airline in the world, as it is the flag carrier of the UK. I loved all the in-flight facilities provided by this airline, during this short journey of only around 2 hours.

  • The large seats of the Economy Class cabin were very comfortable, with seat pitch of around 32 inches and arranged in convenient alignment. The passengers were also given extra privacy, if asked for a premium service.
  • The passengers were welcomed with complimentary fruit juices or hot beverages, after boarding the plane. We were also offered tasty snacks and refreshed drinks as part of in-flight meal service.
  • The passengers were offered a bar system, where any of them could take any alcoholic drink, along with a light snack.
  • There were personal screens attached before each seat, to enable the passengers to enjoy various entertaining programs, as part of in-flight entertainment system of this airline.

Great experience of visiting the prominent New York tourist destinations

In New York, my first aim was to see the world famous Statue of Liberty, whose pictures I had seen earlier in books. So I went to Battery Park, in southern part of Manhattan Island, just opposite to New York Harbor. There was Castle Clinton in this park area, from where I got ferry service that took me to the colossal Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. I was awestruck to see this copper statue of Roman Goddess Libertas, with a torch in her lifted hand and a tablet on the other hand. The broken chain at the feet of this statue made it an icon of national independence of this country.

The Battery Park
The Battery Park | Image Resource: thebattery.org

Next day I went to see Central Park that was very close to my hotel. This urban park is notable for housing several points of attractions; like a red granite obelisk called Cleopatra’s Needle, seven artificial lakes, a zoo, an aquarium and 29 magnificent sculptures. I also visited Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is the biggest art museum of this country and situated adjacent to Central Park. I felt so excited to see the 17 departments of this museum, featuring numerous objects of arts from ancient period till date.

Whenever I will have another chance of visiting New York in future, I will surely buy air tickets from this airline only.

Know Why There Is No Place As Happening As Hyderabad


NUCLEYA | Image Resource : meraevents.com

Hyderabad is always a happening city. All around the year you will be able to attend live music concerts, and events of all other kinds. Fun and frolic is visible within the citizens all throughout the year.

Dancing to the awesome tunes of NUCLEYA

NUCLEYA, a band conducting musical events all over India has evolved as a renowned band in five short years. Udyan Sagar, the founder of this live band had begun his musical journey towards the end of the 90’s. He owns around 14 singles to his credit. The dance floor vibrates with his tune when his event is on.

This year he is going to set the stage on fire on 4th of February 2017 from 8 PM onwards. The wonderful event is going to take place in Rendezvous. The price varies from one phase to another. People will be charged even 1500 bucks per person for the event.

Hard Rock café

Hard Rock café | Image Resource : partyowl.in

Enjoy a laughter show with Karthik Kumar

This show is to be held in Hard Rock café on 29th of January from 8 PM onwards. To get an entry you got to pay 1000 bucks. Karthik Kumar shortly known as KK is a coffee addict. In fact, he forces others to sip on coffee as well. He is also an actor, entrepreneur, director and a stand-up comedian. His shows include more of jokes from the adult world which an adult would love. Therefore, there are many restrictions for people visiting his event. Only people above the age of 18 can throng his event. Even children who are just 18 should be visiting the show along with their guardian. So, enjoy a fun filled event this January.

Hard Hotel Pearl Regency

Hotel Pearl Regency | Image Resource : hotelpearlregency.com

Corporate Networking with college students in Checkerboard

This is an event organised mainly for the college students. More than 25 colleges are going to participate in this corporate networking event. From this event, you will get to recognize the new skills and energy in the youth of today. In this 21st century, the students have to be surrounded by a well-versed group of people. You being an audience also get to listen to people from various specialized sectors like dance, music, sports, business, etc. The event doesn’t end here. You also get to relish on a networking lunch with the youth of today.

The event is going to be held in Hotel Pearl Regency on 22nd of January from 10 AM onwards. If you register early, then you will be charged just 549 bucks which will include lunch, snacks and refreshments. The regular entry fee is 699 bucks.

Events In Hyderabad

Events In Hyderabad | Image Resource : meraevents.com

Listen to Zikrr to stir up your hidden emotions

If you are one who is found of Punjabi and Sufi folk music mixed with Indian hard rock, then this is the event which you can attend. A beautiful atmosphere will be created with the charm of music.

The event is going to be held on 21st of January,2017 since 9 PM. 1000 bucks is worth paying for the show.

Events In Hyderabad are just awesome. All kinds of events are held so as to grab the attention of every citizen.

An Expedition Worth Trying For All the Foodies Around


Mumbai | Image Resource : releasemyad.com

There is really no experience as addictive and enjoyable as eating yummy food. Food always remains the most uncontrollable indulgence that helps you get over the worst emotions. If you wish to understand the true essence of a city, try and taste its unique flavours.

If you are in Mumbai, here are some places you must definitely check out:

Getting To Devour The True Italian Culinary Masterpieces at Little Italy

Italy is known around the world for its world class cuisine. It uses the herbs, spices and traditional cooking styles to come up with some unique preparations that leave your mouth watering. Enjoy the enticing flavours of Milan’s risottos and Naples’ exotic Pizzas at Little Italy in Mumbai. Unlike many Indian restaurants that distort the authentic flavours to please the customers, this is one restaurant that adheres to traditional Italian cooking styles. Cost for two people is roughly Rs 1400.

The Lalit Mumbai

The Lalit Mumbai | Image Resource : thelalit.com

The Lalit Mumbai, A Breathtaking Experience

People looking out for some good hotel for stay with nice dining options too, your best bet would be The Lalit Mumbai. It has some of the best restaurants serving a multitude of eating options so anyone who enjoys exploring new cuisines has a choice.

The Baluchi is a restaurant that offers authentic flavours of Awadhi India with multiple options in Kebabs, Tandoor and more.

If you are one of those diners who do not believe in having a specific time to eat and sleep, the 24/7 Restaurant is made just for you so that you can savour flavours any time of the day. The cost for two people is roughly Rs 800. In addition, it also has The Lalit Boulangerie for the dessert maniacs, Kitty Su for the happening crowd of Mumbai and Trendz for those who choose the modern Italian cuisine.

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel | Image Resource : cntraveller.in

Experience The Grand Hotel

If you believe that eating is an experience and can be complete only with the right ambience and accompanied with the right drinks, you must visit The Cinnamon Coffee Shop & Bar at Grand Hotel.

Enjoy the unique Indian foods while you are seated within the most cosy and comfortable restaurants of India. You can enjoy free breakfast buffet of foods from different parts of India during your stay at the Grand Hotel.

A Drink at The Daily

For all those food aficionados who believe paradise exists where the best wine marries the most exotic dishes, The Daily meets their expectations. It is a great place for food lovers to try out unique starters, salads and barbecues. The succulent flavours of each are sure to hover in your mind for long. Reserve your table early so that you are assured a set without delays. The cost for two is roughly Rs 2000.

The Lalit Mumbai

Hard Rock Cafe | Image Resource : hardrock.com

Hard Rock Cafe

If you are crazy about the subtle and sophisticated American cuisine, don’t miss to visit the Hard Rock Café Mumbai. It has an awesome place with good food, the right ambience and the right music to raise your spirits. The cost for two is roughly Rs 2500.

Plan your visit to each of these Eat Outs In Mumbai to satiate your desire to eat sumptuous and pleasing meals.

A Trip To Trivandrum – Visiting The Most Famous Places Here

Something that in today’s modern world is a critical thing to remember, is to know when to take some time off from the tensions of the workplace and kick back a little. For a disturbingly large fraction of employees today in the corporate workroom, life has turned out to be considerably different to how it was in earlier years. In our busy schedules today, we tend to easily ignore the fact that from time to time, we have to give ourselves with some well-deserved leisure time to relax ourselves both physically and mentally, which is vital to a good life. Recently, I decided to take a vacation to visit Trivandrum and many of the famous places in and around the city.

I had never visited Trivandrum before, and was excited to visit the city, which is the capital of Kerala state, known as “God’s own country”. As it was a new place that I had never visited before, I knew that the visit would be a lot of fun, as I have always loved exploring new places. I was also very keen on trying out some of the cuisine of Trivandrumas the Malayali cuisine is quite famous. Thus, I was quite excited about this trip and booked my train well in advance.

Booking My Train To Trivandrum

There are a lot of trains available from Chennai to Trivandrum as both are geographically close and also important cities in South India. I had a lot of different choices available to me for trains, and I finally made the choice to book the Bangalore Express (06347) after doing some online research and checking details of all of the best options. There weredecent facilities on the train and I had a comfortable good trip. The train maintained its schedule well too.

Staying At the Samrat Hotel, Trivandrum


Hotels near Padmanabhaswamy Temple | Image Resource : thehotelsamrat.com

I was on the hunt online for good mid-range hotels near Padmanabhaswamy Temple to stay at during my trip to Trivandrum. After looking at many of the choices available, and comparing important factors such as services, amenities, room tariffs, location, and other things, I finally chose The Samrat Hotel in Trivandrum. This is a good 3-star hotel with decent facilities and I had comfortable stay here. Some of the best things about the hotel are:

  • Great location near Padmanabhaswamy Temple.
  • Rooms were rather basic but spacious and well-furnished.
  • Other facilities here include Wi-Fi internet, swimming pool, gym, bar, restaurants, and a lot more.

Visiting Some Of Trivandrum’s Famous Places


Napier Museum | Image Resource : wikimapia.org

I was eager to visit 3 of Trivandrum’s most famous places, which are Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Varkala Beach, and Napier Museum. The Padmanabhaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple that I visited to pay my respects, and it was a great place. Varkala Beach is an excellent beach in Trivandrum which is clean as well. Napier Museum was my favourite among these three, and I spent a lot of hours at this museum of art and natural history.

Emirates Flight: Experienced Luxury Travel In Class!

DubaiDubai | Image Resource : netdna-cdn.com

I do not just like to sit in my clinic and treat patients, rather I like to expand my knowledge and practice as much as I can. Therefore, I move to various places in India and in abroad for conferences and practice and for anything which is associated with my profession. The more I travel, the more I explore myself and the more I gain knowledge. Hence, I like travelling a lot, it gives me immense pleasure and also a break from the monotonous life.

Last weekend, there was a seminar conducted about dental care in Dubai. I wanted to be a part of the seminar and after requesting my associated, I finally got an invite. I was happy for two reasons, one was for being a part of such a great dental event, and other was that I would be enjoying myself in Dubai and exploring the man made wonder city. It was exciting.

Chennai to Dubai Flight TicketChennai to Dubai Flight Ticket | Image Resource : nstours.net

Sharing my flight plans!

When I disclosed the news of going to Dubai, my wife was happy for me. And she helped me in deciding about the flight and hotel. So, we started the planning with the airline, and without making much hustle, both of us voted for Emirates to reserve the Chennai to Dubai flight ticket. The duration of the flight was 4 hours and 20 minutes and I had booked a business class ticket to experience the luxury services on board. Let me share the luxury amenities offered to me on board:

  • Lie flat seats in which I could sleep, relax and enjoy myself
  • I tasted global cuisine which was more than delicious, my taste buds were completely pampered
  • The onboard lounge experience was fantastic, I met with a lot of global people, which was a new experience
  • The entertainment options were huge, and I didn’t feel bored for a second on flight.

I had the best experience with Emirates, and I am looking forward to more such journeys ahead in life.

Dubai International AirportDubai International Airport | Image Resource : sndimg.com

My landing at the grand Dubai International Airport

Only after stepping into the airport, I understood why it is the busiest and largest airport of the world. It was so wonderful to see people from all the corners of the world at one place. The infrastructure of the hotel left me in awe, the lounge where I had access was so pampering, that I wanted to spend my days here. There are 243 check in counters here, with more than 125 airlines functioning, serving flights to 260 destinations round the world, and a lot of surprising facts to disclose. There are airport hotels, in case you want to experience classy accommodation, there are services such as health club, currency exchange, child care, restaurants, fashion brands, medical centre, showers, rest zones, spa, and just name anything, you will find here! Extraordinary!

Armada BlueBayArmada BlueBay | Image Resource : bluebayresorts.com

My seminar was in a grand hotel, so I booked my suite in the same, it was Armada BlueBay. It was a 4 star hotel and offered me exclusive services. I had a great time spending some leisure space for myself at the hotel. So, my Dubai trip was a great success, thanks to Emirates and the city!

Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights – Connecting Destinations Offering Eclectic Business and Leisure Options


Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights |  Image Resource : indiatimes.com

With countries witnessing inspiring changes in the domestic aviation industry, there has seen increase in the number of travelers taking to the skies. Airlines with flights connecting every possible city offer easy travel between places, thereby increasing comforts and convenience. They help traveling not only easily but also cheaply with many budget flights plying in the route.

By connecting two cities, airlines promote tourism, which in turn help the economic growth of the cities. Bangalore and Hyderabad are the two cities well connected with regular flights by major airlines. The Bangalore to Hyderabad flights offer nonstop and stopover services at various timings daily and weekly. A destination known for the rich history imbibed through the various Muslims dynasties, Hyderabad is turning fast to the fast developing city with many large industries and companies finding their place here.

Being the twin capital city of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Hyderabad welcomes people with excellent infrastructures from places like Bangalore. People on sightseeing can find attractions like Golkonda, Charminar, Ramoji Film City, Salar Jung Museum, Birla Mandir, Chowmahalla Palace, Lumbini Park, and so on. Bangalore, called the Silicon Valley of India, offers chances enough for people who are on the pursuit of business or leisure. It is home to many multinational companies and industries that specialize in various business activities.

People find flights in this route offering exciting Bangalore to Hyderabad flights airfare to fly between the two cities frequently.


Bangalore to Hyderabad Inflight View | Image  Resource : v3.co.uk

Get to Know Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights and Timings

The travelers can know the Bangalore to Hyderabad flights schedule without any difficulties. They just need to log in to any travel agents’ website and provide traveling details. The will get a list of flights scheduled to the mentioned destination. From the list the passengers’ can choose the best suited one and travel in comforts.

There are many airlines such as Jet Airways, SpiceJet, IndiGo, Air India. SpiceJet and IndiGo airlines offer best and top-class Bangalore to Hyderabad flights which make traveling between these destinations very easy. The Bangalore to Hyderabad flights timings are SpiceJet and IndiGo are 7.30 am, 3.10 pm, 8.45 pm and 9.50 pm and 5.35 am, 6.40 am and 6.40 am respectively.

Online Booking of Flights

Both the airlines and the travel agents offer many methods to make your Bangalore to Hyderabad flights booking very easily. First you have to log into the website of the airlines or travel agents web portal and provide from and to destinations. You will be taken to a list of flight services offering their flight services between these two destinations. You can choose the best flight by comparing the price and traveling time. The passengers are facilitated to pay online without any difficulties. Online and get their tickets online itself.

Bangalore to Hyderabad Flights Services and Status

Some of the other flights that offer their flights services are Jet Konnect, Etihad Airways, SilkAir and Malaysia Airlines. The passengers can check the Bangalore to Hyderabad flights status and reach the airport on time.


Get the Best Domestic Flight Rates with Delhi to Mumbai Flights

It is the basic nature of human beings that they really love the idea of travelling. Traveling is something that can give them a peace of mind. But then a person should understand that the traveling can be due to various purposes.

The various purposes may include the business trips or the very leisure trips. No matter what the scenario is, people mostly love to avoid the idea of travelling by flights. Though there are various advantages of travelling in flight, yet people seem to avoid this particular idea because the flight can really be a very costly affair that they may not be able to handle.

flight travel

Flight Travel | Image Resource : business-review.eu

Especially when travelling between cities at short distances then they totally do not prefer or even consider the concept of flights.

Travelling Between Delhi to Mumbai:

If a person wants they can actually make sure of the fact, but when it comes to travelling between Delhi to Mumbai, then they can easily take the very Delhi to Mumbai flights. There are many advantages to this very thing. Though mostly a person generally prefers a different mode of travel, yet they should understand that they can get hold of Delhi to Mumbai cheap flights easily.

All they need to do is ensure that they do have access to the internet. If they have that, they can obviously get through the best possible websites and the applications that help them in booking flight tickets easily.

These particular websites and applications make sure that they do provide with a lot of discounts then considering the Delhi to Mumbai flights price.

The Various Other Advantages:


Delhi to Mumbai flights | Image Resource : newindianexpress.com

As already mentioned the distance between these two cities is not much. Yet, a person would generally get the best experience out of the travel if they decide to board Delhi to Mumbai flights. There are many advantages that they can come across when it comes to travelling with the airlines:

The Most Comfortable Journey: The Delhi to Mumbai flights ensure of the very fact that a person can actually get hold of the best possible journey experience ever. It is simply because of the fact that travelling does not take much time when it comes to boarding of a flight instead of any other travel mode.

Excellent Personalized Services: This is considerably one of the best features a person can actually come across when it comes to the very concept of travelling on the flights. The various Delhi to Mumbai flights services are really the most important things that a person can experience in the very short trip.

Get A View Two Best Airports: Yes, the Delhi and the Mumbai Airports both are equally magnificent by nature. People can be much assured of the fact having a view of these two best airports can actually provide them with the best possible travel experience all over.

All these points can actually encourage a person to get hold of those Delhi to Mumbai flight tickets as immediately as they can.